10:26 AM

I don’t blame Kershaw. I blame his boss. This whole idea of putting in starters as closers in non-emergency situations is plain stupid. Kershaw should have been last in line, at best. If it’s the 16th inning and you’re out of relievers and it’s a choice between Kershaw and the utility outfielder on the bench who Read more

9:41 AM

This one is on Dave Roberts. The thing he does well — having a heart with his guys and getting them all to buy into what he’s doing — came back to bite him here like it has so many times. He trusts in Kershaw despite every piece of evidence obviously pointing out that he is not the guy in that moment. Just like he Read more

9:04 AM

Honestly I’m disappointed in Jezebel that you continue to exploit an adoptive, disabled child who’s been through shit by willingly not following up on the full story, and instead going with the Daily Mail clickbait. There were enough legit sources of info in the comment sections last time that you can’t claim Read more

10:56 PM

Uhhhh didn’t Trump straight up admit to what was said by the whistleblower on live TV? Like several times? Doesn’t that make the whistleblowers testimony unnecessary?

7:41 AM

Yeah, this has a distinctly non-consensual feel to it. She is literally there as a requirement of her job. Kudos to her (i guess?) for being a good sport about it but it feels real yucky to watch the video of enormous men wearing face covering goggles drenching a single, totally unprotected woman with alcohol.

12:37 PM

No social media network is free.  You pay them in personal information, and as Facebook has repeatedly proven, they shouldn’t be trusted with it.

12:17 PM

Kempf is a real hard working guy, gritty. A grab your lunch pail type. He’s got deceptive speed, good hands, and a high level of intelligence for the game. He’s always been a possession receiver and this reception just highlights that.

7:30 PM

Personally, I think salaries and benefits should be calculated as a part of the cost of business instead of as line items. What’s next? A $5.00 utilities surcharge? $1.50 for silverware? We customers already complain about getting nickle and dimed to death for things like a $0.50 charge for a 2nd small cup of BBQ Read more

7:24 PM

I’m regretting this as I type it, but this is a way restaurants can get your butt in the seat and order, then spring the added cost at the last minute. I support paying benefits, but I hate this sneaky crap. Just roll it into menu pricing with a note on the menu.  I’m wondering which MOA place this is, as I very well Read more