12:38 PM

I quite pop cold turkey about 5 years ago. I was a very heavy pop drinker, about 4-5 cans a day. I originally said I’m not ever going to buy pop for home again but I’m fine having it when I’m at a restaurant or something. This did not work, I soon found myself stopping at the gas station to get a $0.59 32 oz fountain Read more

12:52 PM

Not to defend the character of Kellyanne Conway, but isn’t disparaging a women based on her appearance a Trump fallback?  She’s got enough to attack in her choice to repeatedly lie in defense of Trump.

2:44 PM

As a dad of two sets of twins (there I go telling the world), I completely disagree. We avoid telling people as much as possible (without just lying). When they were babies we used to get stopped everywhere we went and are still stopped often from people who want to tell us about the twins they know or wished they Read more

11:47 AM

I don’t know how this is Kershaw’s fault.  He let up one run through 7 innings.  This is the post season.  You have teams that use 0 starting pitchers the whole game.  Take him out and go to the pen to close out the game.  Had they done that, we’d all be talking about how Kershaw finally shook the demons.  Horrible Read more

11:21 PM

I was thinking along similar lines as not Antonio until I followed your advice and clicked the link.  This was definitely intentional.  It is crazy that a hand gesture as innocuous as the ok sign is now a racist symbol though.  I would suspect the majority of the country has no idea.

2:50 PM

I think we found the locker room where Trump learned to talk...

3:21 PM

In MN (I know, no one cares), we went from mid 50s on Sunday to 80's on Monday back to 50's today.  That’s more wardrobe changes than Taylor Swift concert.

10:47 AM

Looks like Christy has contracted with Trump’s spray orange artist

12:17 PM

Kempf is a real hard working guy, gritty. A grab your lunch pail type. He’s got deceptive speed, good hands, and a high level of intelligence for the game. He’s always been a possession receiver and this reception just highlights that.

8:56 AM

Father of two sets of twins here, I can completely see how this happens. The first year of their lives my wife and I were both zombies. I would often go to work on 2 hours of sleep and rarely more than 4-5 very interrupted hours. We thankfully have never forgotten our kids in the car but that much stress and sleep Read more

8:33 AM

I can’t stand President Trump and want him to lose badly, but this is definitely (maybe I should say very likely, since I’m not a lawyer/constitutional scholar) unconstitutional. Releasing your tax returns is a relatively recent (in the course of the country’s history) expected tradition and it is very suspicious Read more

10:13 AM

First, let me start by saying this comment is not a statement of my position or attempting to inflame anything, I’m curious on what the counter argument is. In an article a month ago on or so on Jez or Deadspin (I don’t remember when or where and I’m too lazy to go find it), a US Men’s team player said that the men’s Read more

4:09 PM

I realize this is a serious post and I’m not making light of it at all, but I had to comment based on the headline. Read more

2:05 PM

I eat m&ms two at a time, paired up by color. So I’ll eat two blue ones, then two green ones, then two more blue ones, then two brown ones, etc. Then, if at the end of the pack I have paired up every m&m with one of the same color and there are none left over, it’s a perfect pack. I have been eating them this way for Read more

5:25 PM

They are likely making their money through securities lending. No company can survive giving away something for free if they can’t make money off of it elsewhere (Facebook). Big investment companies like Fidelity and Vanguard (and almost all of the others) are able to lend out securities (stocks) that they (or their Read more