Máté Petrány
European writer of Jalopnik, based in Budapest.
Mar 9

Not the Stratos. A new car that has nothing to do with the Stratos. And all this is up in the air for now.

Dec 7 2018

I wanted to reply to this, but of course I had to recover my Kinja first. Thanks Helpdesk Steve! And Etele. And Ernie!

So: When I was in New York this year, and walked up to the Embassy to vote, I found this:

Nov 25 2018

My family started one of the first sherp dealerships in the United States. They’re pretty fun. One time, we were driving it on a frozen lake and the fire department and police were called in because it broke through the ice and people thought it was a car hahah

Sep 5 2018

I stumbled upon the one in Mulhouse, France one weekend, while I was there on business. It was so unassuming from the outside, a brick building, simple entrance and nothing to indicate what was inside. Walk in and... Read more

Aug 9 2018

I don’t believe in emails. My 1985 Autobianchi A112 Abarth is very Italian. What can I do about that?

Jul 18 2018

this car is owned by Joosten in Maastricht Netherlands, he used to have a car yard with many exotic cars I bought my Alfa Romeo 2000GTV from him in 1979. he had just bought and showed the car and believe still owned it he must be in his 80 tish by now. Read more

Aug 16 2017

I had a Neue Klasse, a 1966 1604, which was very rare in the United States. You would sometimes see 2000 Sedans, but my 1604 remains the only one I have ever seen “in the wild.” Read more

Jul 11 2017

Just picked up this old girl on Sunday, I am the 2nd owner, also a ‘68 Series II, 88... 45k miles... Think I can ‘borrow’ the one they found, I will bring (most of it) right back!

Jun 10 2017

This is good Jalopnik Dave! By the way, the guy I bought my A112 from back in 2013 had a perfectly restored Steyr-Puch Haflingerrel. Those are the jam!

Feb 1 2017

Mike, that’s the worst Fiat 127 I’ve ever seen. Wait. No, it’s not. Definitely not. You’ll be happy.

Aug 12 2016

Happy I read this, but sad you didn’t finish the race and had to abandon the car. It would of been cool to see you finish the whole thing. While reading this I was thinking “cool, finally another really interesting article about weird cars driven in Europe, haven’t seen this in a while,” I didn’t realize you weren’t a Read more