Máté Petrány
European writer of Jalopnik, based in Budapest.
Mar 9

Not the Stratos. A new car that has nothing to do with the Stratos. And all this is up in the air for now.

Mar 26 2019

British Rail is fine. Except for being very, very expensive for what it is.

Dec 7 2018

I wanted to reply to this, but of course I had to recover my Kinja first. Thanks Helpdesk Steve! And Etele. And Ernie!

So: When I was in New York this year, and walked up to the Embassy to vote, I found this:

Aug 9 2018

I don’t believe in emails. My 1985 Autobianchi A112 Abarth is very Italian. What can I do about that?

Jun 10 2017

This is good Jalopnik Dave! By the way, the guy I bought my A112 from back in 2013 had a perfectly restored Steyr-Puch Haflingerrel. Those are the jam!

May 11 2017

By the time we get old, we’ll have so many similarly shitty old car stories that we’ll need more than a six pack for an afternoon chat.

May 3 2017

UPDATE: It did not start. Then, it did, with two people working on it. I left it right there, and got on a tram.

May 2 2017

I’m picking up my Autobianchi tomorrow, because it starts and runs now. Or at least that what they told me over the phone today. Zero mile engine, and all the things that come with it.

Mar 20 2017

Get this: I have a bunch of film cameras that I should not have, but for my “car project”, I picked my Praktika MTL5, which of course is DDR stuff. Why? Because the project is to find daily driver Trabants in the center of Budapest. The film? Discontinued, expired Kodak UC, which I got from somebody’s estate. 2 Read more

Feb 25 2017

It really isn’t. But sure, if you’ve got the space, you might be better off with a cheap 4x4 and a cheap sports car.

Feb 1 2017

Mike, that’s the worst Fiat 127 I’ve ever seen. Wait. No, it’s not. Definitely not. You’ll be happy.