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Funny how different folks see things differently! As a Black woman, I do not think the Black man/White woman pairing is refreshing” at all, LOL. In fact, just the opposite—it’s pretty much the “default” interracial pairing you see in media and pop culture, which serves to re-enforce the cultural “desirability” of Read more

4:44 PM

Ok speaking as someone who was also mistreated by their parents, being “bitter” or angry can be part of the healing process, and no one is obligated to forgive their abuser. I take issue with this cultural narrative that it’s on the victim to forgive their abuser and if they don’t they’re small and petty and otherwise Read more

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This is the correct answer.

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Listen, standing up for Gabby, or at least shutting the fuck up, is too much of a burden for Crews. Now, defending Gina “being anti-black women is now my brand” Rodriguez out of nowhere- that he can do. It’s such an easy and simple thing, really.
Read more

6:09 PM

I’m going to be that one so with that said....I kinda sorta liked the first batch of episodes but gave up a few episodes into the second batch of them (the 2nd seasaon?) The show just got really dumb and I realized I liked the potential of the show than the actual show. So.... Read more

10:17 PM

I’m Black and Asian, and while my skin is darker than Meghan’s it’s lighter than a lot of the people on the Black side of my family. Especially in Europe, I’ve gotten the off comments and looks, “where are you from” from total strangers, but I can’t imagine it’s anything like my dark skinned grandmother experienced in Read more

6:59 AM

I see they hit Grady Hospital and a few shelters to find that support...2016 all over again when they had to dig up support in every landfill, swamp and outhouse in the nation.

10:41 AM

Although I dropped the show after Season 5, I do think they have some abilities; I just found it baffling that they were singled out as the heroes of the show’s creation when they clearly weren’t experienced or able producers - as they themselves were admitting well before the other day - and their writing Read more

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“I would rather talk about the dishonesty of saying the personal isn’t political and talk about what we really sacrifice of ourselves when we enter into these romantic relationships with white partners. Why it is we keep trying to take politics out of our personal partnerships with white people, when they are clearly Read more

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According to my armchair degree it’s more like having had sex so young caused him to define himself that way making him in constantly in need of that type of validation and being a celebrity means there’s never any shortage of opportunity to do so. He’s fucking all the time but not for the reasons he thinks. If he was Read more

9:24 AM

I do believe that film producers and studio execs intentionally do it and it all starts from the jump. The ‘do this,’ being enact a colorist tactic, when it comes to casting. I’ve noticed that whenever there is a race-bending of a well-known, white literary character, the films’ adaptations will have a light-skinned Read more

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This video sent me down the YouTube rabbit hole and I saw a charcoal finger wave? Is this new? When did charcoal in your hair become a thing?

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I’m sorry to say that there hippy-ish Black folk I’ve known over my life: a light-skinned woman with five kids by 5 different men who home-schooled them with a lot of out-there morality (not fidelity, obvs); was presciently adamant about filtered water albeit in her filthy house; was into organic veggies in the 80's, Read more