Marnie Shure
Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.
12:15 PM

I love Market Basket too! As a recent college grad living in Boston, its lower prices made such a difference to me. And it’s the only place I’ve ever seen a 14-oz. log of goat cheese for $5.00.

3:06 PM

Thanks for pointing out that ambiguity! I’m adding the word “empty” to the article to clarify.

1:55 PM

The risks cited in this particular article (and survey) are related to empty bags; that is, they don’t have food in them, but dogs are sniffing out the remaining crumbs. The survey respondents cite many different types of bags, including “chip and snack bags...bags for pet food or treats....liners for cereal Read more

7:22 AM

I’ve added things in the wrong order to my buttercreams and the result is always an unsalvageable disaster. Not saying that’s your issue, just that I’ve definitely been there!

9:29 AM

Pie crust is an endless struggle! My only input here is that Alison Roman’s recipe in “Dining In” helped me succeed with a batch of crust, because the instructions are written the way an experienced friend would explain the process to you. The phrase “shaggy dough” was surprisingly helpful in knowing how much to Read more

2:32 PM

Oh yeah! This is reminding me that every Saturday in high school I would make myself peanut butter and mini pretzels on toast. With a glass of milk on the side. Thanks for jogging this pleasant memory.

3:14 PM

You hit the nail on the head! They absolutely do not use quality chocolate, and of course the difference is obvious, but not really for the worse. They’re pure fun, and they’re fun to look at, and there’s always a variety. The taste is definitely nostalgia, as you say, hearkening back to a time when relative quality Read more

12:30 PM

I’ve always enjoyed Affy Tapple brand. Their plastic bubble packaging all but guarantees the apples won’t be too large, because they wouldn’t fit. (These might only be available in the Chicagoland area, though.) Also, the homemade caramel apples at apple orchards, in my experience, use the smaller apples that Read more

12:19 PM

One additional workaround to this problem is to make mini caramel apples using a cheater recipe I love: freeze green grapes (make sure they’re dry when you freeze them, to avoid the not-sticking issue you’re talking about), then dip them in melted white chocolate, and roll in crushed peanuts. Re-freeze. Delicious!

11:59 AM

I am strictly a one-Skittle-at-a-time person, but if you do any research on this, I’d love to hear about it.

10:40 AM

I’ve read about them and wondered about them, but it’s time I looked into them. Thanks for the tip!

1:10 PM

Hollywood Handbook is definitely having a great year! This column was intended to feature only series that debuted in 2019, or so close to the end of 2018 that they might have missed their window for end-of-year coverage.