Mark Wycislik-Wilson
8:43 PM

I think these email templates are great. I know some people think they are offensive or selfish, but honestly, I think they show you have great boundaries. You dictate your life (outside of employer restraints) and get to decide when and what is important. If reading email isn't important, then it's not important. Read more

11:08 AM

It's absolutely perfect! I'm so happy I didn't even cut up the strawberries. I just sit here with my ludicrously decadent coppa of Pimm's and half a pound of strawberries, letting the sun and the universe just do their thing. Read more

11:42 AM

Hey, Whitson — this is such a natural step for Lifehacker, one that you've already taken, and one that we can now talk about. Read more

11:03 AM

I want to make sure I assuage any fears: the Lifehacker you know and love is not going away. As I mentioned, we've already been doing this kind of stuff for awhile, but I've been apprehensive about it. As we've begun tackling these issues, though, they've become some of my favorite posts on Lifehacker. As much as I Read more

1:03 PM

Nobody's brave enough to eat at my house anyway so I'll cop to washing the dog, cat and parrot's toys and dishes AND the ornaments and other fish furniture out of the aquarium. Also it makes flip-flops look like new. Also my rubber currycombs and my horse's bits. If I could put the dog in there I'd wash him. It Read more

12:31 PM

Why pay for the hardware to run LibreOffice and Google Drive when you can just steal a pen from your neighbour and write on your hand?