Mario Aguilar
Deputy editor at Gizmodo
Aug 25 2019

Just trying new stuff! The review is incredibly in depth, so we thought a more targeted (and shorter) post focusing on the purchasing decision would be helpful for some readers. You are encouraged to read the full review if you like that better :)

Dec 4 2018

I also suspected this. It’s immensely difficult to get the switch from an outside app to the built-in app fast enough to figure out if the app is in fact trying to dupe you, but I concluded it wasn’t—or at least that I wasn’t sure. I asked the company and they swore it was exactly the same. I think it is obvious I Read more

Nov 23 2018

I haven’t but we want to test stuff. Do you have specific questions or products you are considering?

Nov 2 2018

Yeah, I should get into comics again. I remember I read all of Civil War a few years ago on my ancient Dell laptop—felt very silly!

Nov 2 2018

I story I keep trying to get someone do is talking to designers who actually use iPads! In our office everyone prefers Wacom tablets.

Nov 16 2017

What I say, if you read the blog post, is that it is a very good computer, with extraneous stuff most normal humans do not need and should not spend extra money on. The ambitious stuff is basically useless to me, and I think for most other people it’s also a little whatever. If you need a detachable display by all Read more