Marie Lodi
Feb 9 2016

People: you can’t go reading an interview with John Waters and then complain that you’re offended. THAT’S HIS WHOLE SHTICK. Fucking deal or don’t read.

Feb 9 2016

Best NYC/celebrity moment: Running into John Waters outside the building where they were casting Cry Baby: The Musical and him assuming I was auditioning based on my Betty Page bangs. #epiccompliment

Feb 6 2016

I’m currently listening to the “You Must Remember This” podcast that covered the Manson murders. I can’t wait to watch the Lifetime movie now. Read more

Jan 30 2016

If yall aren’t already following the @agentlover internet kingdom, you’re in for a treat.

Nov 21 2015

I don’t care what KK does one way or the other, but wouldn’t it be a brilliant PR move for her to get Kanye to donate 1 million dollars to mothers living below the poverty line who get no paid maternity leave as a “push present”?

Nov 21 2015

I wonder what it’s like for real money to be monopoly money to you. It just must be an entirely different sort of world and thinking.

Nov 19 2015

A planned parenthood in Ohio was the only place that would treat me when I was having pregnancy complications with no health insurance. I was visiting family, and just found out I was pregnant the day before I left. I woke up one morning during my visit with intense cramping and severe bleeding. I had no idea what to Read more