Tim Marchman
Editor at Special Projects Desk
Jan 21 2019

What you see here hinges on whether you believe that “Make America Great Again” is a dog whistle meant to unite racists, misogynists, and homophobes under one umbrella, or you’re delusional and don’t care about people who aren’t white men. Read more

Dec 18 2017

I feel like you missed the best one, where Poe Dameron, dashing space flyboy, pulls a mutiny on the cold and frigid new commander who’s obviously not as a good a choice as him in his own mind, and it turns out he’s the asshole, not the hero.

Nov 21 2017

I don’t know, Snyder’s evil shitbaggery has been limited to one spot in one city, as racist and degenerate as that shitbaggery has been. Kroenke has managed to be a complete cockmuppet in two sports, on two continents, to two separate fan bases.

Nov 17 2017

I somewhat disagree. Almost all of these people, except Breer, peddle in a sort of self-aware cynicism of hot takery and provocation. Meanwhile, Breer couches all of his takes as journalism while simultaneously serving as the league’s mouthpiece, like a good Peter King employee. I feel like his dishonesty is much more Read more

Oct 9 2017

Those revenue opportunities should give us better ways of pumping up digitally native talent and developing a more diverse set of contributors who make good internet across different platforms.

Sep 17 2017

Really glad I can enjoy this kind of stuff instead of being an insufferable fucking asshole about it for literally no reason. Read more

Sep 17 2017

I’ve got this old antique clock in the hallway. Hasn’t worked in years. Been stuck on 3:29 the entire time.

Sep 14 2017

If you’re new to Grant’s work, I put together a playlist of the Husker songs of his I liked best, plus a couple of solo tracks. Pairs well with straight corn liquor.

Sep 2 2017

Found the asshole who plays politics with his manager, thinking he’s being sly, then wonders why no one says goodbye when he’s inevitably fired.

Aug 27 2017

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we all have just watched the death of boxe’s dignity. Because Mayweather not knocking the lights off of this clown right in the 2nd or 3rd round, tops, is only explainable by him shamelessly holding himself for pay-per-view’s value sake... Read more

Aug 27 2017

That went, literally, 100% like I thought it would. My family are McGregor homers and didn’t seem to understand the first five rounds we’re Mayweather dragging him out. A joke fight but a lot more entertaining than it should have been.

Aug 16 2017

I’m a writer for the Red Sox team blog. I am committed to write basically one post a day, the payment for which ends up at about $5 each. I am a large adult son with my own son, so I’m in the “doing it for fun” category, but that’s seems irrelevant to whether or not it is right and fair, which it is not. At the very Read more

Aug 15 2017

Who answers the phone from a number not stored in your phone? Homey is livin that dangerous life.

Jul 24 2017

I don’t understand. Where would the teams that were going to be relegated into MLS be coming from?