Tim Marchman
Editor at Special Projects Desk
Aug 23 2019

Reynaldo Lopez has an impressive 3.10 ERA in his last eight starts, with a sterling 46/16 K/BB ratio and just four home runs allowed. To what extent has he turned a corner and is he setting up as a quality no. 2 pitcher, and to what extent is this run a product of his having faced the Oakland A’s twice (surrendering Read more

Apr 15 2019

I was bummed Jon didn’t say, “Hey, I already know how to ride a dragon.”

Mar 14 2019

He was ready for the majors last July. He has already been kept in the minors for months so that the White Sox can save money in the future.

Mar 14 2019

This is a fair point and the article has been amended in the interests of the ethics.

Jan 21 2019

That’s not an error; if you think about what diffusing and defusing are as actual physical actions you should see why.

Jan 21 2019

A description of Phillips as “chanting” in this story has been changed to one of him “singing,” following this note from Dr. Adrienne Keene.

Dec 30 2018

I think the most amazing thing might have been that Cyborg ate a good half-dozen shots that would have put pretty much anyone away and kept coming; it’s hardly like Nunes just happened to clip her.

Dec 13 2018

I would like to apologize to listeners for forgetting that the White Sox HAVE a fucking Paul Konerko statue, especially since I’ve seen and gaped at it. Perils of live yakking.

Dec 7 2018

I didn’t mean that as a knock on Stieb at all! The opposite: He’d be a perfectly fine Hall of Famer even if very few people think of him as one. That’s the difference between a great player who’d be a perfectly fine Hall of Famer and an all-time great, though—four years of peak performance. It’s a lot.

Dec 7 2018

I think he’s pretty clearly the best post-integration pitcher and pretty heavily credit post-integration players over old-timers, so while I could see a case for someone like Walter Johnson over him, I just tend toward thinking he’s the best ever full stop. There were pitchers with comparable peaks even Read more

Dec 4 2018

It beats sending A.J. Pierzynski to punch him in the dick and balls.

Oct 19 2018

Chicago is a world unto itself, on par with anywhere you could ever go; Philadelphia is more a wonderful city where there are lots of lovely people and interesting things to do. If you don’t have a specific reason to pick Philly over Chicago, go with Chicago.

Oct 2 2018

Having opinions about a subject of your coverage is not remotely like having a financial relationship with a subject of your coverage.

Sep 7 2018

“Listen we’re disrupting fucking flight. I’m like ... since the black box always survives, let’s make the whole plane out of it.”