12:24 PM

Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi should be fucking ashamed of themselves. The way that so many celebrities are falling over themselves to endorse this piece of shit is ridiculous. Of course Judge Judy thinks a revolution isn’t necessary. She’s a rich white woman. Everything’s going great for her. Read more

12:23 PM

But all celebrity endorsements are irrelevant to regular people, and only idiots let that influence their vote. The only difference between Bloomberg and Bernie’s celebrity endorsement is that Bernie’s celebrities are cooler and younger, but they’ve still got incomes and lives that are 100% unrelateable to normal Read more

12:15 PM

Celebrities are people that have chosen to be famous. They are, for the most part, completely fucking bugnuts. 

11:00 AM

So Elle stands with accused rapists over their victims? Good to know...

5:09 PM

Would you go to the birthday party of someone who, let’s say, goes around punching elderly women in the face? Probably not because that person is clearly an asshole and why would you want to celebrate the birth of an asshole? Same in this case!  Especially since Prince Andrew has refused to accept any blame or Read more

4:23 PM

My menstrual period is infrequent, mostly painless, and with little blood. I have no idea what people with endometriosis, heavy cramping, or heaving bleeding go through.

It’s so weird the mile markers people set for genders.

4:20 PM

Why do you always give Wendy the benefit of the doubt? She’s a monumental jerkhole and she always has been. She’s a bandwagon-hopping, homophobic, transphobic, ignorant jerk. She should go back to something useful, like deep-frying wigs.

3:01 AM

Patriarchy be mad strong in France :(

1:16 AM

Polanski is yet another rapist that has escaped justice and continues to assault and rape. Don’t give him awards, don’t see his movies. Treat him like a pariah. And thanks Spike Lee for doing the same thing by honoring the Rapist Kobe Bryant at the oscars. Stop honoring rapists. They are pieces of shit that should be Read more

5:59 PM

Physical chemistry is a thing.

3:51 PM

This whole concept seems even more ridiculous than other shows centered on watching people try to find a mate. Anyone who has ever met a partner online knows that physical chemistry is a thing. No matter how attractive someone is to you through conversation online, reality can be a whole other thing. And of course, Read more

4:44 PM

Ok speaking as someone who was also mistreated by their parents, being “bitter” or angry can be part of the healing process, and no one is obligated to forgive their abuser. I take issue with this cultural narrative that it’s on the victim to forgive their abuser and if they don’t they’re small and petty and otherwise Read more

3:33 PM

It makes me so angry the assumption is men will attack and rape you because they can’t handle blue balls/disappointment. No, that is not what all men just do. That’s what people who rape do. Going into a hotel room does not mean you’re expecting or consenting to sex. Read more

1:55 PM

“To overlook this chapter in Bryant’s life is akin to ignoring his Oscar or his contributions to the WNBA, just because none of it took place on the basketball court.” Read more

4:33 PM

Some of the people below are trying to make a case for his innocence because the woman he raped has kept silent about it. Well, 1, it was almost certainly part of her settlement that she could NOT talk about it and 2. after watching how reporters and journalists are attacked just for asking a question about it, what Read more

1:00 PM

She still defending her child molester brother? Do she think back 5 minutes and wish she didnt? She feel bad she paid his lawyer and his bail? GO THE FUCK AWAY.