Malaika Jabali
Malaika Jabali is a public policy attorney and expert at discreetly bowing people when "Knuck if You Buck" starts playing. She complains about being a broke Millennial on instagram @wokerandbroker.
Aug 12

“Cardi can’t rap worth a damn and it’s noticeable as hell when she’s performing with someone who can.” Read more

Jul 30

Goodness. It’s almost like after not being called out or facing consequences for anything for almost 30 years has left the guy with the impression that he can say whatever he’d like whenever he’d like, without regard to the setting or appropriateness. So weird.

Jul 21

I hate to “well actually,” but young voters turned out in droves for Sanders and Warren. The problem was two-fold: the establishment rallied around Biden, while Sanders and Warren split each other’s votes (I was fucking prescient about that) and cost the emerging progressive, Sanders, momentum. And while young voters Read more

Feb 6

Thanks for writing this examination of King’s interview. Your journalistic approach (among others like Damon Young) is well needed to understanding the complete picture of Kobe Bryant. Read more

Feb 6

Well written, smart, fair piece. Hope you don’t get roasted for it.

Jan 13

True, but we aren’t there yet. Right now we need to pick not just someone to win, but someone who will make a serious change to the status quo, otherwise we will be right back here next election cycle, and it will be another wanna be fascist.

Sep 11 2019

She is a public figure and she did something, maybe not surgery, to radically change the look of her eyes before hitting a public venue where she would be heavily photographed. We’re not supposed to comment on the difference or ponder the why and how? I found it fascinating that she could make such a huge difference Read more

Sep 5 2019

That diverse marketing ploy crap is so transparent (and white, natch). The last company I was at was insistent on making diversity in their public image a top priority without ever addressing that there were exactly zero POC in any executive positions. Read more

Sep 5 2019

From my experience “bringing the community together to address race” means hosting an awkward diversity training session where black attendees do unpaid emotional labor “educating” everyone on their experiences, while white attendees take a frustratingly long time to grasp the basic concepts of racism. And then they Read more

Sep 4 2019

As a black, cis-gender and bisexual woman, I used to have the common trail of feeling that I was “safe” from homophobia and bi-phobia. After all, there aren’t too many reports about violent acts of biphobia against women, hitting new feeds. Read more

Sep 4 2019

“Naturally, Lim walked away, and a few months later Chiarelli offered her half of his salary to reach some semblance of parity. She still said no, and now she’s my fucking hero.” Read more

Sep 4 2019

Trying to justify it by saying these are “industry-standard established ranges based on experience” is especially fucked-up, given the strength of their resumes. He had one movie screenwriting credit and one “story by” credit prior to Crazy Rich Asians. She’d been writing for television for two decades. It’s a flimsy Read more

Sep 4 2019

Everybody is colorblind until their daughter brings home a black man.  Nobody cares if your gay until their son/daughter comes out.

Sep 4 2019

That was painful to watch. Poor kid. I can feel his heart racing. Body flushed with heat. Trying to keep himself from shaking as he remembers all the times his identity has been attacked. Looking around and finding no one’s got his back. Read more

Sep 4 2019

I used to be the same, with the “You’re gay, who cares?” I thought this was the enlightened approach. But that shit is the same as people who say they don’t see color. I don’t care, because my privilege allows me to not care if Lil Nas X is gay. But that’s a part of his identity and if he wants/needs to express it, Read more