Maiysha Kai
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Jun 25

I swear, folks act like reading isn’t optional, and scrolling by ain’t free. But go off, I guess (for lack of anything better to do).

Jun 22

She did what she could do. What you feel like doing is up to you—thus, “do their part.”

Jun 12

I agree—it elevated my efforts! Praise for Angelica Alzona is well deserved; our amazing artists rarely get enough credit!

Jun 10

Your opinion is valid and not incorrect, but I’m not sure “editing” a fashion journalist reporting on their beat is where you’ll find the validation you’re looking for.

Jun 6

I have no problem writing an extensive feature when required, and we are not under some arbitrary threshold from our management. The bigger issue is that’s not what this article was about, and since I’d never intended it to be a feature with original reporting, the topic on the table had been exhausted. The Read more

Jun 6

The answer is in the hyperlink of the article, but it was actually yanked because other aspects of the op-ed were considered deeply mean-spirited and garnered significant backlash.

Jun 6

I didn’t leave out anything. I have a word count, and this was specifically about how colorism manifests in India. In the now-thousands of articles I’ve published at The Root, I’ve also written about how it manifests throughout other parts of the world. I even wrote about the video you posted above in July 2018. https: Read more

Jun 6

It’s very clear (and a little sad) that some of y’all don’t know (or are pretending not to know) that Latinx people can be white, white-passing or Afro-Latinx (see: Ted Cruz, Cameron Diaz, etc.). In fact, they can also engage in anti-black racism. Whether you consider her white-passing, what we know is Selena Gomez is

Jun 2

I actually did notice the superimposed images (and had clothes superimposed onto my own frame in my modeling days), but that doesn’t make this any less disgusting.

May 21

I don’t see my bosses bankrolling that subscription during a pandemic, so that may be a long-shot, as my lingerie drawers already overfloweth...but stay tuned.

May 18

I’m obsessed and would be totally into this concept, pandemic or not...but especially in response to the pandemic.

May 1

Fun fact: I had “Don’t Start Now” on my list, but Panama limited me to 3.

Apr 9

Man. I’m wishing you health, safety and the best deep conditioners you can get shipped to your door.

Apr 4

You open with a personalized comment, but I’m somehow in my feelings for simply acknowledging it as such? Honestly, I’m not (and pretty well accustomed to it, at this point); I just call it like I see it. That said, you have deviated so far from the point that you’re forging your own road, and since they don’t pay me Read more

Apr 4

There’s nothing loving in attempting to reduce me to the same trope I’m speaking on, so please, let’s not play that game. Colorism is very real; so is the privilege derived from it. No one is arguing that (or ever has in this space, to the best of my recollection as a co-founder of this vertical); there are plenty of Read more

Mar 21

I certainly didn’t assume otherwise, nor was my intention to suggest Emily didn’t illustrate black characters. I believe the responsibility for representation rests with the editors, not the artists, and my assumption was that the art they perviously commissioned wasn’t especially diverse, which is not a reflection on Read more