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4:22 PM

I certainly didn’t assume otherwise, nor was my intention to suggest Emily didn’t illustrate black characters. I believe the responsibility for representation rests with the editors, not the artists, and my assumption was that the art they perviously commissioned wasn’t especially diverse, which is not a reflection on Read more

3:29 PM

You know, it might also help if you weren’t hanging out in the fashion/beauty vertical looking for deep dives on social justice (though I’ve been known to do those here, too). Or you could actually read the story, which wasn’t about the survival of high fashion at all, but one black Brooklyn-born breakthrough designer’ Read more

1:12 PM

You can vote every 24 hours through March 8! (I’m considering that an active and immediate form of prayer.)

2:10 PM

Lissen...that was an assault, and I’m sorry you had to experience that.

11:06 AM

Yes, because hiding behind avatars to insult people on the internet is definitely the mark of a considerate, well-balanced, relationship-ready individual. Sorry you didn’t get the inherent humor here (he did), but nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day...bless your bitter heart.

11:47 PM

Interesting, because in the past few days, I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of more abuse from those outraged that I don’t vindicate Kobe than those who think I should condemn him outright. But there’s really no “winning” when issues like these are at stake, so thankfully, winning was never my goal. This is a Read more

7:36 PM

Real talk? I can’t even judge the song, because I keep listening to Erivo’s performance and weeping.

5:39 PM

Thanks for defending my honor, but I actually loved Damon’s take (and edited this piece). VSB, while part of The Root, speaks in its own voice, as I at The Glow Up speak in mine, and as a news writer, Anne writes in hers. Interestingly enough, I think that’s what we’re encouraging people to do: to create space for Read more

2:13 PM

Listen...even if you hate the player (which I don’t), her vocal game is incredible.

12:47 PM

I’ve never sought to defend Gayle’s journalistic choice here, because while the line of questioning is central to journalism (and she has decades more experience in the arena than me), I likely wouldn’t have approached it the same way. There is a reason I filed this as an op-ed, and not under “news.” Read more

11:34 PM

1. I admittedly cringed when I initially watched the clip, and you may notice my article was not a defense of King’s interviewing style or choices, because frankly, my feelings remain somewhat mixed and likely always will. Read more

3:03 PM

I’m sorry you’ve had that experience, and empathize; imagine how it is writing here daily. Trust, I’m here for the content, not the comments.

2:28 PM

I can’t believe I’m even deigning to acknowledge this, but I also can’t help but find it very interesting and telling that an article that was explicitly not about Kobe Bryant and only mentioned him (once) in a factual, yet passing manner, purely for context, has not only devolved into a discussion about Kobe and his Read more

2:37 PM

I’m not at war with black men; I love them very much. I’m at war with misogynists. If you think the two are automatically synonymous, that’s on you, but that’s not a belief I hold, nor is it a generalization I’ll accept having projected upon me.

4:47 PM

I literally start to dry-heave when I hear his voice, at this point.