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Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is her superpower.
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Hi. Welcome to The Root, the African-American news and opinion site for, about and by black people. For the more generalized coverage you’re obviously seeking, you are advised to click on any of the hyperlinks above or visit Have a blessed day!

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I repeatedly noted that the Met’s performances are sold out—but that your best bet is to see it in cinemas on December 4, where I’m seeing tickets as low as $13.95! The link above will allow you to search by theatre...and get an up close and personal perspective on the performance.

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I entirely hear that—though I was a 14/16 sista most of my career. That said, she cited Naomi Campbell as an example, who not only initially rose to fame well over 20 years ago (although Loni took exception to others bringing up models from that era), but also represents a type of aspirational black beauty—which is Read more

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My presumption is that he waits outside the exam room (God, I hope so), and was not trying to infer otherwise, but he clearly insists that she sign away her right to privacy so that he can be updated by her gynecologist.

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If you’re referring to Megan, that’s typically how campaign appearances work. However, as a company, we label any sponsored content and The Glow Up only accepts product for the sake of reviews, so this is not that. We, like a gang of other fashion media, are simply reporting on Megan’s first fashion campaign. End of Read more

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You’re assuming I haven’t, and don’t do so on a regular basis. (Spoiler alert: I do, and have already screenshot and sent this exchange, as well.)

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If you think I’m wasting it on Kinja, you’re mistaken. It’s above me now.

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And yet, here you are. What a great use of your precious time.