Maiysha Kai
Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is her superpower.
3:37 PM

Remember the part where I said I’d opted out of black Greek culture (despite having two black Greek parents)? I am also comfortable enough with that reality to say I don’t know—and to admit that for once, the internet wasn’t a strong assist.

6:39 PM

Ms. Kai has been researching the fashion industry for over 20 years—first as a fashion student/freelance stylist and fashion-obsessed musician, but most importantly, as a curve model (my day job for most of those two decades). But since research is now requisite as my daily job as a journalist, here you go: Read more

4:34 PM

Dude. The Cystic Zit is vying for its own nomination this awards season.

9:14 AM

Perhaps—though as a member of two voting organizations (the Writer’s Guild and SAG-AFTRA), I usually try to give all of my screeners at least 30 minutes for the sake of parity, after which I only stay tuned in if I’m interested. Rumors aside, the WGA Queen & Slim screening I attended was sold out, so it was surprising Read more

12:09 PM

Thanks for the feedback, but since we’re talking wages, unfortunately you’d be lowering mine by asking me to do that legwork in addition to my other daily obligations (you likely don’t know this, but I’m predominantly a one-person team in both The Glow Up and the relaunch of It’s Lit!). So, while I respect and even Read more

6:42 PM

Fun fact: The owner/founder of the Whitney Plantation Museum is also white, and there are black folks who’ve gotten married at plantations, too (I just couldn’t find any famous ones to mention). Fucked up shit is fucked up shit.

9:35 AM

As someone who has read an inordinate amount of your writing (both voluntarily and by professional requirement), this—and the comments—just flew to the top of my list of funniest Harriot posts ever. I legit had to lie down to catch my breath after “50th birthday party.”

12:55 PM

I guess my argument is that she does. The singular year spent marketing a bestseller aside, she still heads several initiatives and has publicly stated (even within the past few days) that advocacy is her life’s work. I’m not really sure what else she should be expected to do with her platform and reach. Read more

3:39 PM

Your continual attempts to derail the conversation from my original question in order to irrationally claim some sort of race-based victimhood have become a waste of time...and unlike you, I’m doing a job here. So, had I known, I wouldn’t have engaged. That is all.

12:45 PM

The only thing those two stories have in common is New Jersey. I run an entirely different vertical.

2:58 PM

Had they been greyed, I likely wouldn’t have engaged in the first place, but message received.

1:24 PM

I didn’t know that...but if this tradition is to continue, I’d love to see more of it.

12:04 PM

...because your avi made it obvious what race you were before you just told me? As you said, has absolutely nothing to do with the (supposed) color of your skin; it reeked of a double standard, and that’s what I was asking about.