Mary J Bilge
Apr 19 2019

I spoke in tongues at a weird non-denominational church service that my mom (a liberal Methodist) didn’t want me to attend. I was crushing on this evangelical pastor’s son, and my friend who was dating his brother invited me to attend services with her. I’d never seen a rock band in church before, or people jumping Read more

Apr 19 2019

Am I the only one calling shenanigans on that Matt LeBlanc story? In 1999, at the height of Friends, Matt LeBlanc who was very famous at the time (this was not post Joey cancellation LeBlanc), is just hanging outside of the NBC studio store in New York randomly asking people what they bought inside when they exit? Read more

Apr 19 2019

I most definitely snorted a Pixy Stick during an assembly in fourth grade. I don’t recall the subject, but a bunch of us were sitting on the gym floor watching a movie and the lights were out. I was hanging with my bestie and the two boys we liked when one pulled out some Pixy Stix and dared us to try snorting one. Of Read more

Apr 19 2019

God this is so cringy. I was 19 and needed to look super, extra hot and sexy and attractive for my new bf, so after reading one incredibly dumb article in Cosmo, I followed their advice to shave - ummm, his initial - uh - down there. I spent a good twenty minutes perfecting it in the mirror and felt super sexy and Read more

Apr 19 2019

Went to an evangelical church while I was a practicing Jew. I wasn’t good enough for his father so things didn’t go very far. He’s on his third divorce now. I guess I wasn’t first or second wife material. Still got a shot at fourth, though!

Oct 18 2017

Of course he says he doesn’t remember anything. Why would he? When you are a famous person meeting a non-famous person, it’s far more likely that the interaction would just fade into the background of your memory, as opposed to when you are a non-famous person meeting a famous person. In 2007 I shook Barack Obama’s Read more

Oct 18 2017

There is no way in hell Skeet Ulrich can have dinner with the most famous woman in the local Applebee’s, much less the most famous woman on the planet.

Oct 18 2017

You know it’s possible to say things and not remember saying them because you grew up your entire life being able to say those things without repercussions or thinking about how your words/actions impact others. This is commonly known as privilege. Read more

Sep 1 2017

None of you fools recognize a good ol’ fashion Covfefe when you seen one?

Aug 23 2017

That might be the most shameful part of this (for her). It really seems like all of these Trump stooges are basically “playing house.” Linton thinks she can become the next Jackie O by dressing up and posing as she steps out of a plane with her charlatan of a powerbroker husband. Ivanka thinks she can divest Read more

Aug 19 2017

I’ve heard people have thrown urine during some of the protests. I have to think its the right wingers showing their support for trump.

Aug 14 2017

Honestly, what his wife really needs to be doing is keeping her husband from derailing threads on the internet.

Aug 14 2017

This man’s continued existence is proof that JFK was not killed by any government plot.