Mary J Bilge
Apr 19 2019

When I was a sophomore in college my university paid for this company that did mobile std testing to come park their gigantic trailer on campus. I was hanging out after lunch with a big group of people that included my crush (he and I were just acquaintances), and as people gradually left it was eventually just me and Read more

Apr 10 2017

Could they not have just sweetened the deal to get more volunteers?? I get that a lot of people, like this doctor, couldn’t take a Monday flight and miss work but surely there were some passengers that would have decided to call in sick if they’d raised it above $1000. OR just made it cash instead of a shitty flight Read more

Nov 15 2016

For a second I thought you meant Friends and I scoured his Imdb for such. Is it worth watching Go On to see Chandler Bing go to a support group? I could deal with that.

Dec 19 2015

“What’s in this drink?” was actually a stock joke at the time that someone would use if they acted differently than expected. Like if someone stumbled while they were drinking a coffee.... “Hey what’s in this drink?” The coffee obviously (well, in this case) isn’t alcoholic, the person is just clumsy and making a Read more

Jun 2 2015

I would LOVE to see that. The tradition at your school is interesting... what was a “normal” thing to give them? A card? Read more

May 13 2015

The Louboutins thing still cracks me up, even though it makes perfect sense that a teenager would zero in on a black/white issue like that instead of the author’s depiction of her as a whole. Read more

May 8 2015

That was my first thought! Last week that project was announced with two Broad City writers attached and now this? Very interesting. Although honestly I hope it's not the case because then there are TWO movies I'm super excited for!

Apr 26 2015

Yep. One time use only for me too. Not my fault the lid falls on the floor everytime and probably crumbs are on it and oh no I can’t put it back on it’s dirty well I guess I could wash it but darn the sinks full and oh shoot we’re out of saran wrap jeez guess I have to eat it now or it will spoil okay.

Mar 24 2015

My dad passed away almost two years ago and just this past weekend I finally started going through boxes of his stuff. I've been taking pictures of a lot of things I'm willing to get rid of, but there are some documents that I feel weird holding onto because of how incredibly sad they are (he struggled with mental Read more

Jul 28 2014

I love that clip! It reminds me of I worked at a snowball stand when I was a teenager and a kid once freaked out that his blueberry snowball was blue. He was grabbing his mom's arm while she was trying to pay and saying, "Mommy this is blue! Why is it blue! This is supposed to be blueberry!" Read more

May 23 2014

I was almost "Roberta" or as my father would have preferred, "Bobbi." My little brother was almost "Quimby." QUIMBY. Thankfully my mom chilled out a bit and went with "Samuel" instead.

Feb 22 2014

I had a counselor who told me that whenever I was having "obsessive" thoughts, I should visualize a stop sign and (if possible) try to stop whatever activity I was doing and immediately do something else. So for example if you are sitting down working and the thoughts keep coming to you, picture the stop sign, get up, Read more

Feb 7 2014

One Thursday night about three weeks into my freshman year of college, I was lying in bed reading. I had seen a play in DC earlier that night instead of going to a party that some of my new friends went to (and my roommate was still at), and sort of regretting it, wondering if I was "doing college right," etc. Read more

Feb 14 2011

Something about being able to hold your copy of "The Greek Tycoon's Reluctant Bride" in your hand that makes it more...relatable?