Madeleine Davies
Managing Editor, Jezebel

I thought this was a fantastic episode. I wasn’t expecting Alexis to be as insightful as she was. I was expecting another divulgence into a heavily ridiculed pop culture moment, but ended up hearing some things that I didn’t know I needed to hear. Read more

The fact that they toss out around the word “groupthink” so freely while ensconced in a secret, private listserv where they happily jerk each other off about how great they are is pretty much the epitome of the problem. Read more

I AM HERE FOR IT. I’ve been making cottage cheese stuffed tomatoes for the past two summers and y’all do NOT EVEN KNOW. Recently started adding hot Italian sausage to it my friends.  Read more

I think pop culture latched onto the “you never ever say that word EVER” and as a result a lot of people hopped on the bandwagon proclaiming that “cunt” is just the worst thing you can tell to a woman. Read more

As a cunt, it is entirely my prerogative whether I get to use the word or not. Read more

My fave take here is that Beyoncé should be like Donald Glover and do “more important” work because life is shit “now.” Read more


I recently binge watched seasons one through five of this show and I can’t figure out how I feel about Lala Kent. Sometimes I can’t stand her (like when she talks in a cringeworthy gangsta rap voice. Girl, you are from UTAH.) and other times I think she’s glorious (that scene where she made the “summer bodies” comment Read more

Definitive ranking of gallery girls best to least: Read more

It takes years to unpack the trauma of watching The Family Stone. Read more

“I have milk with a longer shelf life than that marriage.” Read more

we all now want the contact info of Luann’s dermatologist. Read more