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I admit in the podcast: It’s because I’m jealous and sexually attracted to him so I have to lash out!!!! Read more

I maintain cottage cheese and cantaloupe is one of the best summer breakfasts Read more

I appreciate it! And I definitely agree that there has been a dip in energy, with the time we have to devote to the podcast being increasingly limited (not an excuse, just an explanation). We now have a new hand on deck to help us out, so I’m hopeful that we can start amping up again! Thank you for sharing your Read more

Sincere question: What has changed for you? The guests? The subjects? To reiterate, I am genuinely interested in your feedback. Read more

The above post is...a summary. Read more

I was gonna say: Sk8-his! Many great colors, affordable, but please get an insert, your feet will thank you. Read more

Thank you, I will do what I can. Read more

My name is Good Tastes in Non-Baby Men, so no, we certainly have never met before. Read more

This is the worst take of the week. Read more

It’s gonna be a long week for you, friend. Read more

This and Manor House are two of the best series put on television imo. Read more

Hello! I updated with more information as it came to me. Sorry for the delay. Read more

It’s like they always say: Lu is great! The Countess is awful! Read more

Shep is more dangerous than Jax because he’s likable! Read more

I did the same thing! You’re in good crone company. Read more

It’s just a YouTube banner—you can X it out Read more