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5:12 PM

I’ll admit, when I first read about this game I would have been willing to defend “Savage” in the name without blinking. The game’s main loop really seems to be less “explore” than “exploit” and gameplay description makes it sound like any other life is only present to be killed. I seriously thought “Savage Planet” Read more

9:30 PM

Fascinating and surprisingly heavy stuff, Joshua. But way to pull no punches when describing the toxicity of gamers! I know you said you considered the toxic reception you might receive when writing this, but I thought you were very clear and forceful in calling out the terrible behavior of some in our community. Read more

7:41 PM

i am embarrassed of how i reacted to the ending of Mass Effect 3, involved in the entitled mob vitriol and rabble rousing on social media. why’d i let myself get so upset? why did i dwell on it? It was sobering when a game I worked on later in the decade became subject to a mob backlash of it’s own, a notable speed Read more

4:32 PM

Good article using various games to highlight how they were around industry movements. It would be interesting to see something like this in a much longer form narrative. Read more

1:42 PM

Hey Josh, not only do I love sports, but I love other topics when they have a sports-related angle, so I have to say I was excited to read this article. Read more

1:59 PM

This really helps to read.  I am playing solo, and the starting area is killing me.  Crappy pistols, shotguns, and SMGs are all I’ve found.  I’ve played the game twice now, and have not been looking forward to going back, but it sounds like I’m close to things changing.

4:10 PM

Please keep me in your thoughts during this difficult time, everybody.

5:09 PM

The same you can do when anyone is having trouble: let them know they are appreciated and valued. That sounds like it’s a touchy-feely bullshit answer but it really does matter. (I know, I know. You didn’t say personal but I want to stress it.)

On a practical level: if you are aware of a threat or something, inform the Read more

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if you know something isn’t true, or suspect that in context it would be taken differently, find out for yourself and publicize that knowledge.

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patrick redford from deadspin and four clones of patrick redford from deadspin

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I respect this womans hustle. She is click bait incarnate and she is making bank of it now.