Keza MacDonald
Formerly Kotaku UK's editor, now video games editor at the Guardian. I've spent 12 years writing about video games and gaming culture and co-authored a book called You Died: The Dark Souls Companion.
Sep 10 2019

I think the most responsible decision is to ignore everything you’re thinking, and dump two hundred hours into Monster Hunter.

Aug 9 2019

“but dads have become a culturally acceptable target for gentle mockery and loving parody” Read more

Nov 3 2018

You dont even know the first amendment do you? If you did you would be aware it only applies to government censorship and control of the press. Not to mention publishing stolen trade secrets in the US is also a crime. 

Apr 8 2016

I'm super interested in picking up the book. Keza, will it be available for international shipping or from a US based seller? Or an e-book as a last dith effort.

Jan 9 2015

It's doing pretty well, actually. Licensed model is a bit strange; would be good if there was an option to just all use Kinja, mostly for the comments. Right now you get fragmented discussions across both sites.

Aug 4 2014

Oh boy, I feel bad for anyone you have sex with if that's what you think it is. Jesus christ.

Aug 4 2014

How to draw generic characters 101.