Jul 31 2018

This is how they continually move the Overton Window. No matter what the Democrats propose, be it economic stimulus from the 1960s or Republican healthcare plans from the 1990s, propaganda flacks like Hewitt will call it “extremist.” Then those things get equated with the actual extremist policies of the Republican Read more

Jul 31 2018

Use a nightlight in the bathroom. Then, you won’t get the shock of bright lights when you go for your early morning wiz.

Jul 31 2018

No. Here is a comment on your pathetic attempt at an argument.

Jul 31 2018

Reality check: We live in a country where you legally have to instruct people how to operate a seatbelt on an airplane.
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Jul 27 2018

I even think that what happens to Nia Wilson was racial, I get put in check and/or accused of fanning the racial fires but Anne Hathaway says it and it’s “yes! preach!” (not by the author, y’all know who you are)

Jul 26 2018

I’ve always adored this argument.

Where I used to live in Kentucky, there was a guy who owned a .30 cal pintle-mounted, belt-fed machine gun. Somehow or other, he’d had it grandfathered in prior to the total ban; I’m still not sure of the legality of the weapon, but it was mounted to a window on his home, and had a Read more

Apr 11 2018

Nice! How about the ones with the Knobby shell??? Also raise you one with Lick-Em-Ade...nothing like dipping a sugar stick into more sugar!!!

Apr 10 2018

I suspect that at least a portion of people freaking out are gingerbread-house-making enthusiasts.