Luke Plunkett
Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs
Jul 8

If you’re about to say “But it just means OK you snowflakes!” that was exactly the point. The whole point of gestures like this is so that racist assholes can wink at each other then pretend they were just saying OK when they get called out. 

Jul 5

Aniplex basically replicates the Japanese model of disk sales. Relying on whales to make a profit by buying over priced disks. It’s the exact opposite of what most North American distributors do that push out two SKUS a smaller moderately priced set and a higher priced limited edition. Read more

Jun 30

This is one of the weirdest aspects of the story for me, that after all that happened in the previous sections with Ellie having almost lost everything in Seattle and it now being quite a substantial amount of time later (I’m guessing a year or more) with her life actually going on track again despite still suffering Read more

Jun 4

Keep it going. Don’t let the momentum die out. Now is the time to come forward to say something even if you don’t have much to say except that you want to show solidarity. That matters. That adds to the volume. The threat of extra judicial execution is one many fear. Nobody should have to go through that. We have Read more

May 28

I don’t hate Eli Roth, but he’s never done anything that made me pay any real attention to him as a filmmaker. He’s not necessarily bad at what he does, but what he does generally aren’t the kinds of things I enjoy.

I love Cate Blanchett, because who doesn’t, and watching her ham it up and have a ton of fun in a role Read more

May 25

I definitely think one of the downsides of so much information sharing around games, is that push for more “optimal” or min-max commentary from people. Read more

May 25

There’s so many younger players who just take it all for granted and speed through the game, But I love Shirley’s pure enjoyment of the game. Her innocence and wonder she brings to it. She takes her time and carefully explores the world. She’s very mindful what she grabs and what it’s worth.

May 24

I think we have a pretty good idea how the old scandanavians "crowd funded" their stuff. :) 

May 24

Can't wait for the evidence of the 1702 year-old Kickstarter that funded it

May 20

“We wanted to amplify that message and capture people’s attention, so pledged to compensate developers ten times the value of any chargeback fees they incurred, despite the fact that we had nothing to with the illegal acquisition of these keys. Read more

May 20

This is a MAJOR blow to small businesses that operate booths and events at GenCon. It’s a big f’ing deal for them year after year and they’re already feeling the money fire that this year has been. I’ve worked in the past for the guy that runs Magic the Gathering events there... I haven’t talked to him regarding this Read more

May 20

short version: if everybody on one team can communicate without fear of being harassed (and therefore without the need to mute voice comms or whatever), they’re probably going to be more coordinated than a team with one or more members who can’t just easily use chat. even beyond the harassment issue, if you’re looking Read more

May 14

That tracks. Very much like these pathetic wannabe soldiers, Pikachu won’t have anything to do with balls.