Luke Plunkett
Luke Plunkett is a Senior Editor based in Canberra, Australia. He has written a book on cosplay, designed a game about airplanes, and also runs
Aug 3

I’ve only ever written one book, and it had a mistake in it, and I was mortified. Couldn’t sleep for days, because there was no way to change it, and it was THERE on the paper FOREVER. Read more

Jul 29

always bugs me when I put the number of years since the game was kickstarted into the headline and forget that development actually started in 2010-11.

Jul 26

this lands like a normal news post, a load of stuff in a single article, but every single tweet and mention in this post would have been its own news story if leaked individually. Read more

Jul 24

I ride my bike pretty much every day, and from aug-nov i have to thread like 50 cable ties through my helmet like a CROWN OF THORNS to keep these motherfuckers away.

Jul 24

yo fuck magpies. so much of the “australian animals are out to kill you” stuff is internet myth, but these birds, they are the devil.

Jul 20

Just named them off the top of my head, Melbourne is actually having this mandated this week and they’re already doing a super good job with it!

Jul 2

i have heard our readers described as 1000 things over the last 14 years, but never “extremely worried about butt safe toys” before.

Jul 1

I’ve updated the post to reflect that it works across loads of diff toys!

Jun 25

NBA Live 2003 came out on PS1 in 2002, which would mean....just Tyson Chandler, since Udonis Haslem didn’t sign with the Heat until 2003.

Jun 21

“While the interior landscape pictured might not resonate with most Australians’ experiences growing up (the majority of us live along the coast)“