Louis Peitzman

Not all the time, no. I'm not Armond White.

Roger Ebert also said Knowing was one of 2009's best films. I disagree with him frequently.

I wouldn't say I'm an "incredibly jaded" person. If you look at past Pop Punishments, you'll see that I often enjoy the maligned movie I cover. I just really don't like What Dreams May Come.

You're very much entitled to your opinion, though I think it's a little silly to suggest the hatred is anything new.

Mrs. Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Deconstructing Harry, and—forgive me—Jumanji.

'80s looking Pasdar is the only reason to watch the movie, so I'm really just cutting through the filler on your behalf.

The reviews archived on Rotten Tomatoes speak for themselves. Variety said, "wildly overproduced and derivative." Time Out said, "it will baffle kids, bore adolescents, and depress adults." It has a 13% rating overall. Read more

I guess, but I still can't get over the bad CGI moose on fire.

They were gifts from the aliens. Nothing says "sorry everyone you've ever known and loved is dead" like a bunny!

Yes! Then Pinhead does his best Jesus impression. It's great—and Good Friday appropriate!

It also has one great Cordelia line! But, yeah, pretty bad overall.

It's not all hate. I'm writing about media that most people crap on, but some weeks it will be a film/TV episode/book I legitimately enjoy.

"Potential" isn't great, but there are so many worse episodes about Dawn feeling inadequate and whining a lot.

You act like there's something wrong with Buffy and Riley having sex forever.