Sep 24 2014

That's a great point. You should definitely start saying "Bob Ley (no relation)" in as many possible articles as you can. It's a pretty good little three-week calling card, then let it go like it didn't happen... Read more

Sep 23 2014

I think there are so many guys that have played several roles for the teams , as far back as Paul Hornung, to Antwan Randle El to Kordell Stewart. I think we just get a little more attention now

Sep 15 2014

Gawker promised that images like this would be hidden in the greys.

Sep 10 2014

Possibly because our commenters make more sense and give real feedback?

Sep 8 2014

Clearly, those tubes are arranged in parallel, not series. What you've got there is an array of tubes. Perhaps we'll call it an "Apartnet?"

Sep 5 2014

See what I mean? Commenting going to shit. No mention at all of how far can I punt a football. F minus.

Aug 31 2014

Planned obsolescence is a myth. If you never update your phone or install more software on it, the only thing that will change is your battery wearing down.
As you install software updates, they demand more. You just think your phone is getting slower base don comparison to new phones.
I know people who still use Read more

Aug 28 2014

These were not the "spring loaded shoes" I was expecting. Looks like it's back to Moon Shoes for me...

Aug 13 2014

Sincere thanks to the tech and product people — both New Yorkers and Hungarians — for working tirelessly and staying up until the wee hours to deal with this. Köszönöm.

Aug 12 2014

I know people don't like the idea of the burner accounts/all of kinja, but I do understand what you guys are going for and the pros and cons that come with the territory. Clearly this is a con of the new system and it doesn't seem that you guys thought it could get this bad. Read more