Lollys Stokeworth-Blackwater
Nov 16 2017

Lol, it’s funny how much clearer your thoughts may be right afterwards, or what comes to mind in general.

Nov 5 2017

My problem was with the use of the word staggeringly. It’s a journalismism - a word that loses meaning because it’s hyperbolic and overused. Just google the phrase “staggeringly talented” and see how many hits come up.

Oct 31 2017

My favorite style is the mid 90's to early 2000's anime and lo and behold thats when I was growing up and into the medium!

Oct 30 2017

I’m pumped for it. As a Hispanic American, I’m fine with anyone of any background being inspired by cultures outside their own and making an awesome experience. Guacamelee was a great example of that just as I’m sure its sequel will be as well as this game.

Oct 19 2017

Or maybe he likes to use his/her brain, and would like to read an article about science without references to ancient fairy tales that have nothing to do with anything in the article in particular or reality in general. Read more

Oct 11 2017

A girl marrying an asshole is a girl with no self-esteem. We’ve all been there.

Oct 10 2017

Honestly, no more or less than any other show. I know Trek fans who make me want to punch walls. I know Whovians who are some of the most sexist and racist sacks of shit in the world. There are plenty of shitty fans in fandom of everything. For what it’s worse, the fans of the show in my life are some of the most Read more

Oct 10 2017

Hahahahaha, thanks for that last comment. True colors.

Oct 10 2017

It’s Trumps America! You guys lost! And we are going to have 8 more years of him. And then 8 more of Pence! Enjoy! Read more

Oct 7 2017

Yep, it’s the blessing we didn’t ask for. We know who our village idiots are but can’t really leave the village. You know it but they don’t see it, so every day your choosing which battles are not worth going there with them for.

Apr 5 2017

$1 million in Silicon Valley gets you a 1,000 square foot 50's-era crackerbox house on a postage stamp lot.

Apr 5 2017

What shocks me the most is the utter greed at work here. Didn’t Jalopnik just post a story on the goofy bonus structure at waymo that essentially paid people based on tenure in the amounts of millions of dollars? I get that a mil doesn’t buy you much in silicon valley, but to dig a hole this deep, and this unethically Read more

Aug 29 2012

Thank you. I was somewhat afraid to look in the comments here, being half Roma, but seeing people actually acknowledge us is bloody refreshing. It's a weird guilt, when you start to resent the other people who were part of it for being the ones to be remembered as such. It's not that I think the Jewish numbers Read more

Mar 6 2011

+1 for comment, +1 for Badgers; +2 total. You win.