Lollys Stokeworth-Blackwater

If a mobile gamer has fans I’m going to kill myself. Mobile gaming is garbahay.

This guy is stupid af. Please disregard this whole thing.

While I agree he needs to chill out you need to calm down too.

You need to read some more shit.

Mocum X up there has a binary worldview. But hey black men have nothing to fear...right? Why not encourage racist attitudes.

God bless no this isn’t it at all...I mean I hear him on the repetition of stupid wypipo shit but only because it’s so painfully not funny or even insightful but no one is appropriating southern anything.

You don’t disappoint vaguely racist non-humorous one.

I knew this dude would rely on some stupid trope mocking white people for his inability to know wdf mashed potatoes are.

Nice mention of what Chitlins actually are and to stop this shit where we shame people for what they eat, who they are, what they do, where they live, etc. unless they’re white. I would give you props but your humor is lacking, chil. Go watch how white people subtly weave in pseudo-racist language while absolutely Read more

But all he sees is a state apparatus that doesn’t want to glorify violence...

And people wonder where they found the employees to staff the concentration camps.

Shhhhhh stick with the narrative. White = evil, ok? Get enlightened.

Just because you all use the n word liberally doesn’t mean you’re one of us. Let’s keep everything separate ok? We can’t just be hating on white people. This was about black Thanksgiving. Stop trying to appropriate everything and just read for once.

“There is always one cousin with a white girlfriend (usually the “newly woke” relative). She’s usually very nice and will always bring a dish. It will end up beside the saditty relative’s cheesecake. It’s not that we’re prejudiced against white food; it’s just that we question the cleanliness of white people’s Read more

Was there a settlement with Hefty I missed? That outfit is copyright infringement at its finest.

I’ll just be interested to watch something cyberpunk succeed. After two massive film debacles this year (although Blade Runner 2049 was good), the future of cyberpunk isn’t looking hot.

Classic case of a guy with more bush than trunk.

The journalistic equivalent of “I like pinot grigio.”

This has happened to me so many times. So many thoughts racing through my head like “I can’t maintain my haughty exit if I start searching for my underwear.” and “I hope I didn’t forget anything important.”

She’s a white girl k? She can’t do anything wrong, other than vote for Trump in majority and be casually racist, among other things.