Lisa Fischer
producer, jezebel
Nov 8

This immediately reminded me of one of my favorite Peanuts strips. Sally goes to beanbag camp and gets fat. Her mom makes her go outside when she gets home, and Sally stands on the porch shouting, “Let me in! I’m getting fresh air all over me!” I’m with you, Lisa, Sally.

Nov 8

Once I come home tonight, I am HOME for three days. I’ll have chili, cookies, and booze, so I’mma be set.

Sep 26

Thank you so much for sharing this story, Prachi. This is the most incisive and heartfelt reporting I’ve ever read.

Sep 9

When do you guys think Antoni is going to file a restraining order against us?

May 16 2019

Still team NSYNC but.........“It’s Gotta Be You” from Millennium deserved to be a single!!!

Feb 13 2019

Thank you, Lisa. This video will probably be the best part of my week.

Jan 25 2019

Those Maybelline lippies are the tits. They go nowhere, even after eating. I wish they made more colors.

Jan 16 2019

I was flipping through and saw Billy Eichner and I was like “wtf?” But then also after a minute “This show should just be Billy hosting and making snarky comments to the bachelor and contestants. Way more interesting.”

Jan 3 2019

Wow, what a feat! I made my own account to track all the films I’ve seen and what do you know, there’s a bunch on your list that I know for sure I haven’t seen, but have been meaning to see for a long time (like 10+ years). Thank you for this enormous undertaking!