If You Haven't Watched I Know What You Did Last Summer, What Are You Waiting Forrrr??!!

When I Know What You Did Last Summer was first released in 1997, the studio was trying to capitalize on the lucrative success of Scream by the same screenwriter, Kevin Williamson just one year earlier. The film’s production was rushed. Miramax sued Sony over language in the film’s marketing that suggested it was from…

The Jonas Brothers Reunion Was a Good Idea After All

Y: Jonas Brothers, “I Believe” – I’ve been to the year 2019. Not much has changed, but the Jonas Brothers are back, baby! The Disney Channel alums’ new album is hit-or-miss as a whole, but it’s still enough to make me concede that a reunion may have been a good idea after all. 10 years after Lines, Vines, and Trying