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Feb 8 2018

From my experience in writing, I troll a lot of Baby Name resources, as well as looking at national data based on timeframe. To avoid a name that either doesn’t fit the era, or is so uncommon as to be ridiculous. Read more

Dec 27 2017

I also went to the Jawbreaker show and it was also the best thing I saw, ever.

Dec 8 2017
2 is reviewing internship applications at this time.

Nov 1 2017

Oh no, force me to spend $6 and be treated to unlimited shitty, delicious mac & cheese pizza. Fuck you, fuck all of you. Cici’s rules.

Nov 1 2017

Seeing a lot of comments in here from people who clearly didn’t actually read the post. Don’t be that person.

Oct 16 2017

It’s weird seeing you guys. Please hire stand-ins and do re-enactments. Or at least make Nick and Tom dress differently.

Jul 27 2017

And in fact he was a lousy soldier, graduating at the bottom of his Annapolis class (which means flunking calculus and not turning in work, rather than being a rebel), getting wings he almost certainly didn’t qualify for, and dodging a well deserved grounding because he was Navy royalty. Most men don’t get a chance to Read more

Jul 13 2017

Ah man. The big baseball scene in Parenthood. It’s not the swelling, triumphant crying after he catches it. It’s when the ball is hit and Steve Martin goes “oh shit.” I can’t even watch it. His poor little dude is out there, panicking, and he can’t help him. He can’t help him catch it, and he can’t protect him from Read more

May 21 2017

Thank you for opening up about this. I’m going through separation with my family and I haven’t been able to go on Facebook in years because of the feelings of envy and regret which have challenged this decision. I’ve been trying to keep up on Instagram because at least it has a degree of artfulness to it which I can Read more

May 19 2017

“But mothers are all wonderful! You just need to learn to appreciate yours for who she is!” Read more

May 1 2017

GREAT great great article, Dvora. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years (never elite, peaked at level 9) and so much of this hits home. Most of our coaches were men, but I recall one specific coach just giving me, I don’t know how to explain it, but a weird feeling. The way he spoke to us, looked at us, touched us Read more

May 1 2017

At this point, I only trust Jamie Dantzscher to run USA Gymnastics. I know Terrin Humphrey is the athlete rep, but Jamie should be there too.

May 1 2017

And in an affidavit Dantzscher submitted in order to get a Michigan judge’s gag order lifted, she added that she has been informed that USA Gymnastics’ attorneys had reached out to her former boyfriends to “dig up dirt” on her and ask questions about her sexual history as an adult. Read more

Dec 29 2016

Hanna’s dad is a lawyer, right? Possibly a doctor, but almost certainly a lawyer.

Dec 11 2016

“Cleveland faces the Bills next Sunday” was the first draft of Hemingway’s famous six-word story.