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Aug 23 2019

He’s at dog hotel while I’m in LA, so he’ll get to hump some more pugs

May 16 2019

I’m home now. When I walked through the door after more than a month away, my dog—who had no idea what happened to me and no idea if I would ever come back—was shaking with joy. I sat down and he immediately leapt into my lap, like he’d been waiting a lifetime to do it. Read more

Mar 22 2019

Interesting there isn’t a disclosure on here that the writer also has powerful eyebrows. Where is the freaking integrity?

Mar 11 2019

Petit wasn’t undone by a navigational mishap [BAD INJURY LUCK] this year; instead, his dogs [THE PLAYERS] got too pissed off at each other to run [WIN GAMES]. He told Iditarod Insider [The Athletic] in an interview that things started to break down when one of his dogs [PLAYERS], Joey, took a bathroom break [DURING A Read more

Feb 25 2019

Glad to see the sports emotions beat has continued in my absence though I don’t know what hockey is 

May 10 2018

Um, I’d like to make it clear that I don’t know what you’re talking about re: Burneko, and the reason I left is because I received an (unsolicited) job offer to do full-time clubhouse reporting. It was a choice I made because I’d had a lot of opportunities at Deadspin to try different things, and what was offered to Read more

Feb 15 2018

Thank you and please subscribe so I don’t have to beg for my job at Deadspin back in a year 😂

Feb 8 2018

Oh yeah, no. Tucker blows, and I felt actually betrayed when they paired him up with Benson.