Libby Watson
Splinter politics writer.
Mar 27 2019

flabbergasted to see so many jezebel writers who i respect stanning for blue method. megan is right

Jan 29 2019

thank you George, ashley i am also interested in the answer to this question. at your leisure.

Nov 8 2018

Yeah I definitely think it’s a hard line for Dems to walk—you’re right that telling racist voters they’re racist won’t change that—but ultimately it was something he went out of his way to say, so I think it’s fair to say it was a misstep.

Nov 2 2018

that isn’t really true, as Prof. Hasen said they can publicly ask super PACs not to spend in their district. the definition of coordination is also pretty narrow, they can’t coordinate on independent expenditures but they’re not forbidden from all contact. 

Nov 2 2018

not sure where i said people shouldn’t vote for democrats, or should vote 3rd party, or should stay home on election day

Oct 4 2018

the next time you feel like you want to comment on one of my posts go and shit in a hat instead

Jul 9 2018

my problematic opinion is that despite his terrible politics, he is hot

Jun 29 2018

you do not understand the difference between a crime and a civil violation 

Jun 6 2018

so to be clear, you are not the Joel Zamel who runs Wikistrat?

Feb 16 2018

honestly I like Noel and Sandi both separately and on other shows but on Bake Off it’s just so forced, they don’t have the Mel & Sue magic

Feb 9 2018

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