Coworkers Gifting Their Days Off So a New Mom Could Take Maternity Leave Is Not a Feel Good Story

Don’t you just love a heartwarming story with your coffee in the morning? It’s lovely to set the tone for a positive day with a sweet tale about friends and coworkers helping each other out. That’s what Good Morning America seems to have set out to do when it published an article on Wednesday about a new mother whose…

Millennial Trump Staffers Complain Yet Again About Being Unfuckable Losers

I know, I know—it’s Friday, you want to kick back and take it easy; you don’t want to think about Trump staffers’ genitals. But trust me on this one: Today’s Politico Magazine piece about the woes of being a young Trump staffer in Washington, DC is worth it. Take my hand, and join me in Hell. Drink full and descend: