6/05/20 6:52AM

I’m wondering if this used milk you used was from your own bowl or your childs? The subtext points to your childs leftover milk. The taste you experienced is likely your child’s saliva, and marshmallows 😬. Blurk.

5/16/18 8:24AM

Part of what makes anything visually presented interesting to me is spotting the lapses in continuity. Goodsir’s beard regrowth was a glaring one. Seemed to happen within a mere few scenes. Agreed too that it’s hard to understand what season it actually is. Read more

5/15/18 7:03AM

Note that temperatures in the high arctic in summer months range between 40-60F, with peaks into the 80’s. With nearly 24 hours of daylight, diminished winds and no rain, the arctic ironically becomes a desert nightmare. Think too of the feverishness of the dying and their layers of heavy clothing that would make the Read more