May 27 2008

Best Week Ever proudly remembers director/actor Sydney Pollock through one of the most remarkable movies ever made: Tootsie! It got me thinking about how America's beloved cross-dresser was pretty fashion forward. What was considered matronly and outdated in the early 1980s is now a must with most of the fashion-y

May 23 2008

Take a horrific shark attack, pair it with a pretty product and what do you get? Shark attack survivor and surfer Bethany Hamilton's new "one armed lip gloss" called "Stoked". Talk about making lemons from lemonade! (Hamilton had her arm ripped off during a shark attack in 2003.) Fashionista reports that those with bot

May 20 2008

Every time I hear about someone's Paris Fashion Week experience, they always go on and on about Alexander McQueen. He's the most balls-to-the-wall designer out there, and it looks as though he's going to get a little more commercial as he prepares to get back in the advertising business. This time around he'll be