Leslie Horn
Mar 6 2019

I’m such a Deadspin fanboy that I hate Barstool Sports despite the fact that I’ve never visited their site.

Nov 13 2017

who are the two celebs

Nov 9 2017

The New York Times broke the story, ya nerd.

Nov 9 2017

Here’s the simple fact: It’s The New York Times

Nov 9 2017

It seems to me that you handled things very well, with Jen Kirkman. It’s unfortunate, if I had to guess, I’d say I think she was just frazzled by how much scrutiny she got, and lashed out at you guys. But you all did your job. This shit’s tough!

Jul 24 2017

wow, a tom hardy but no harry styles blog??? tom bias, much?

Jul 13 2017

Ah man. The big baseball scene in Parenthood. It’s not the swelling, triumphant crying after he catches it. It’s when the ball is hit and Steve Martin goes “oh shit.” I can’t even watch it. His poor little dude is out there, panicking, and he can’t help him. He can’t help him catch it, and he can’t protect him from Read more

Nov 3 2016

In 2001, I said to my dad (like me, a lifelong Red Sox fan), “I guess with all that happened this year, you have to root for the Yankees in the World Series.” Read more

Sep 14 2016

Hello, good dogs.

Sep 14 2016

The Dogtors Professional

Sep 14 2016

Baseball is for the hoi polloi. My dogs appear to prefer more hoity toity pursuits like polo and yacht races.

Sep 13 2016

I'll just leave this here.

Sep 13 2016

We had tix but didn’t go bc my dog got too blacked out before the game. She’s still a good dog though.

Aug 25 2016

A pretty good way to get a dude to fuck u is to be like “Yo dude, you wanna fuck or what?”