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12:43 PM

Agreed. I was shocked in season two when they didn’t have a Laurie/Russ interaction on-screen. My view has always been he works best in small doses, one or two episodes to explode across the show’s plots and complicate everything. He definitely wore out his welcome by the end of the second season when he was around Read more

6:44 PM

He’s in the main cast for this season, but he hasn’t appeared in either of these first two episodes. I haven’t seen him in the background, and his character definitely isn’t one who blends in.

3:16 PM

That sounded like PFT. Simmons was on the season as the horse preacher and in his recurring role of Turtletaub, so there was a comparison almost immediately. He also wasn’t in the credits for this episode. And I think they’d probably have leaned more into a J. Jonah vibe if they went with that casting. (On reflection Read more

3:14 PM

... Oh, this is a brilliant theory. I am going to shelve this and if they pay it off will definitely call back to this.

3:04 PM

I think it’s more the writers know fans want to see some kind of resolution related to what happened in New Mexico, and they’re dancing around it by not mentioning that as a state that doesn’t have winter.

3:02 PM

My comment was related to how I know a section of BoJack fans are anticipating/dreading some resolution of the Charlotte/Olivia plot, which would take him back to New Mexico. I think the writers are trolling us by dancing around warm states and not mentioning it.

11:32 PM

It’s more of an unofficial subtitle. I added it because I was sick of saying “the new Ghostbusters.”

6:02 PM

I was trying to say that what they’re doing is a temporary solution to their sex life at best, but I agree I could have phrased it better. I’ve altered the language accordingly.