Nov 1 2019

I had a master plan for today, but it did not go quite as planned. That’s OK. That’s what blogging is about. You

Sep 7 2019

Will she be as indelibly burned into Heritage Minute history as the “But I need these baskets back!” guy who almost prevented basketball from being invented? Here’s hoping.

Jun 25 2019

Imagine Andy Reid strutting around the sidelines looking like this:

Jun 7 2019

I’ve been a Bruins STH for 17 seasons, and I was a Capitals season ticket holder for 2 seasons previously when I lived in DC for college. I’ve seen a lot of NHL hockey and seen a lot of playoff games. Read more

Jun 7 2019

In all fairness, the Bruins have been hurt by some bad calls. There was the puck out of play against Columbus which the refs missed and led directly to a goal. There was a very borderline goalie interference call in the Columbus series as well, and a few phantom calls in the Carolina series. Read more

Jun 7 2019

Just make it Deadspin’s version of The Onion’s mass shooting article

May 7 2019

“Furthermore, my girlfriend was with me and I felt judged by her for backing down so easily, although she did say I “made the right call.” Read more

Apr 9 2019

The only thing I root for is the Canadian teams to crash & burn because it makes our neighbors to the North so mad and they start trotting out the “well, most of the players on every team are Canadian, so really a Canadian team almost always wins.”

Apr 9 2019

Canada has a lot going for it. As an American the only thing we can truly lord over Canada right now, is the fact that a Stanley Cup team from Canada hasn’t won a Cup since 1993. Why do you hate America, Ray? 

Apr 9 2019

What should happen: Lightning in seven, because every time a series doesn’t produce a seventh game, a child’s pet gets sick. Read more

Oct 20 2017

Gotta say I’ve been pretty surprised by all of the comments pushing that the AKI games were the “arcade” games to the SmackDown/WWE ‘XX/WWE 2K games being “sims.” Here’s the thing: The AKI games WERE simple to play, WM2K and No Mercy career mode reversal AI aside. But they also built a system that made for dramatic Read more