Lawrence Ware
Lawrence is a philosopher of race at his day job and a curator of dopeness when time allows. Words in The New York Times, Slate Magazine, and others. Email him at
May 19 2018

We need to remember Mary Turner. We need to remember her unborn child. Failing to do so, we say retroactively that their lives do not matter. Read more

Jan 5 2018

I want it to be known that I defended the greatness of “Keep On Loving Me” and will til my last breath falls upon this earth.

Jan 5 2018

“Keep On Loving Me” is a’s stood the test of time and it a got a 35 yr old white man from Virginia(my best friend) do be obsessed with this song and The Whispers. Might I suggest we switch out this video with this?

Oct 26 2017

What you NOT going to do is make me emotional on THIS richea Thursday. That’s what you won’t do.

Oct 25 2017

Thank you for sharing this happiness with us. I hope your family has a great Hallowe’en :)

Oct 25 2017

That’s the good thing about being Luke Cage, in addition to having an Excellent Halloween he’ll also have a Sweet Christmas.

Aug 16 2017

Agreed. For the ladies - and I think it’s apropos given her name - I have Woman to Woman by Shirley Brown. You gotta have some brown before making that kind of call. Read more

Aug 16 2017

The Velvet Rope album is brown liquor music. The rest of her discography, no, but that album is brown liquor, velvet couches, tan Stacy Adams and a nice buttersoft leather jacket.