Lauren Theisen
Sports Blogger
Oct 10

Ah whoops, them too. Thank you for adding more information to this breaking news story.

Oct 8

It was just a little joke because scanning the names in the comment section reminded me of this tweet, plus the fact that in my experience, white men are most likely to get upset when they feel like their opinions aren’t being heard. If it didn’t land for most people, though - and I get why it maybe didn’t - that’s my Read more

Oct 3

the Pistons and Tigers bum me out a lot, but nah, I still really love the Red Wings, and I’m excited enough about the Lions that I’m preemptively feeling sorry for myself for when they inevitably disappoint

Sep 11

Oh god you’re right, this is nuts. When I wrote that I was focused just on the Wild Card era - thanks for mentioning!

Aug 12

WGA East is the one that actually has all the experience organizing digital media shops - including Slate, Vice, Vox, and yours truly. I believe WGA West is mostly focused on screenwriters.

Jul 19

From the original interview, here’s Panarin’s recreation of him shaking Obama’s hand back when he still supported Putin.

Apr 3 2019

gosh, yeah, a seven-footer in the WNBA...........can’t imagine what that would be like...........

Apr 3 2019

Yep, sorry, I thought that was common knowledge but I could have made that clearer. My point was I don’t want testosterone limits to be used against non-trans women who happen to have elevated levels.

Apr 3 2019

Caster Semenya isn’t trans, to be clear. And in Fallon Fox’s one fight against a relevant opponent, she lost to a woman who’s since gone 3-4 in UFC. Read more