Carlos Santana Smashed A TV With A Bat Because The Phillies Were Playing Fortnite During Games

Over at ESPN, Jeff Passan has a breakdown of the clubhouse issues the Philadelphia Phillies faced in the first season of Gabe Kapler’s management last year, and it turns out they might be more relatable than you thought—when their jobs got pointless and shitty, the Phillies slacked off and played video games instead.

Hardcore Grizzlies Fan Proposes To Girlfriend By Asking, “Will You Grit N Grind With Me Forever?"

Every girl spends her youth dreaming of that perfect proposal from her dream guy. You know what I’m talking about. The one where you and Prince Charming are visiting fans at a March NBA game between two below-.500 teams. Harry The Hawk is there. A woman with a microphone is narrating to a semi-engaged crowd. And then…

An Embarrassing Collapse And A Bad Whistle Might Keep Clemson Out Of The NCAA Tournament

Two NCAA Tournament candidates right on the fringe of the field of 68 faced each other on Tuesday afternoon in a second-round ACC Tournament match-up that possibly doubled as a play-in game, and it was NC State who came away victorious. Markell Johnson made a pair of free throws with 2.6 seconds remaining to give…