An Interview With The Local TV Producer Fired For A Graphic Calling Tom Brady A "Known Cheater" 

Michael Telek is a 27-year-old news producer who, until yesterday, worked for the CBS affiliate KDKA in Pittsburgh. He was fired after a Super Bowl news segment used a chyron that labeled Tom Brady as a “known cheater.” As was obvious to pretty much everyone, the graphic was a joke—and not inaccurate—but Telek was…

Daily Beast Peddles Batshit, Debunked Theory About A Serial-Killer Gang Thriving On The “Dark Web”

Today the Daily Beast published a story titled “Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?” Boldly defying Betteridge’s Law, the report—written by crime reporter Nicole Weisensee Egan, who covered the Bill Cosby trial for the Beast—suggests that the answer to the question posed in the headline may…

Trevor Bauer Whines About Reporters Not Interviewing Him, Flees Interview When Asked About His Tweets

Two days after Trevor Bauer sort of admitted it was wrong of him to harass a 21-year-old woman on Twitter, he’s still very tender about the topic. When the Cleveland pitcher was asked about it today in a media session with reporters, he literally fled the scrum before the reporter could even finish asking his question.