Austin L.
Oct 16 2014

This is the mark of a good reporter. You made a fuckup, you explained why, and apologized. That's the mature thing to do that any adult in the real world would do, and what any workplace expects. Read more

Oct 9 2014

Watch the replay; he's hit at the waistband, towards the top of the foul protector, and not in the dick. He loses because he's faking, trying to either get his opponent disqualified or taking the easy way out of the fight. the foul protector is a steel cup encases in padding, and while it doesn't feel good getting Read more

Oct 9 2014

I posted this when the story hit a few days ago, but I'll say it again . . . did you HEAR this guy's head hit the floor? Did you freaking HEAR it? The sound is between :09 and :10, and it is horrifying. If you have speakers or headphones, you will be sickened. Read more

Oct 4 2014

Wow way to reach you moron. The missed face mask gave you a fucking gift touchdown. Bama fans are so dumb.

Oct 3 2014

You also might want to show the BS taunting call on Arizona.

Sep 26 2014

Sure, Deadspin shits all over Derek Jeter's Gatorade ad, but Hunter Pence does some viral marketing for Orbit gum and everyone loves it.

Sep 16 2014

A spanking - a quick smack on the butt to break a cycle of hysteria, is not beating. But good luck telling the people on Gawker media this, most of them don't even have kids. It's the classic "well from my armchair and keyboard I can say 100% of the time if you spank you are bad". This is simply not true. Read more

Sep 16 2014

Ironically enough there are people who feel they can intelligently add to this discussion without understanding the difference between a spanking and abuse.

Sep 16 2014

Please STFU. Every once in a while, a spanking is necessary. I've been lucky; my daughter is three and some change and I've never had to hit her until once, a few weeks ago. Sometimes, corporal punishment is needed and can be effective as long as you follow three rules: Read more

Sep 16 2014

You earn your living basically by making fun of people (often maliciously), yet you're somehow some kind of moral authority on proper parenting and behavior? Get over yourself.

Sep 8 2014

It's possible to like a thing without agreeing with everything about it, or while having big reservations about the way its run. There's a lot of ground between "I heartily endorse every single decision and policy of the NFL" and "I am completely boycotting". The love it or leave it attitude is not helpful to anyone.

Sep 8 2014

I'm sorry, but I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this article. I am supposed to stop supporting a team I grew up loving because the asshole higher ups made and a completely terrible decision? I have to choose between being a feminist and supporting a team whose fan ship is huge part of my identity? Of course Ray Read more

Sep 7 2014

As a black person, I dont speak for all black people, we are not monolithic, But reading this email, I dont think its racist, its just a business man trying to figure out why his shit is fucked up. Hes speaking frankly, and probably factually on alot of his points, Hes basically saying mix this shit up, black and Read more

Aug 19 2014

Not sure how his quarterbacking career will end up, can he just skip ahead to being the owner of the Titans.