Oct 21

Imagine being so devoid of passion that seeing genuine joy in something sparks suspicion. 

Oct 21

Yes, I too find it odd that a human could be a fan of both a book series and a musician. Most of the humans I know would consider that a clear conflict of interest and would eliminate one of the fandoms from their life.

Sep 23

All us Arkinheads in the forums at Arkin Asylum are sobbing uncontrollably right now.

Sep 21

Anyone sufficiently good at sports to win multiple championships and set records usually is kind of a dick.

Sep 4

Wow, that trailer for The Naked Man sure is something.

Sep 2

Eh. These are all the same whines they had about the pilot. Three seasons later it still consistently makes me laugh, even on rewatch.

Aug 31

The car horn thing also struck me as self-defeating (Not to mention the logistics of “Could you pick up the kids after school today? I’d get them with the other car, but, y’know, I have to leave it parked in front of that house.”) but nothing about racism makes a damn lick of sense, so...

Aug 28

I hadn’t seen the McKinnon version of it since it aired in that awful, awful week four years ago. Watching it again today and seeing the tears in her eyes and the genuine emotion she was feeling still lands today. Read more

Aug 24

I feel like that’s an artifact of the book it’s based on. The book felt like a collection of short stories about this group of characters.

Aug 24

The show’s following the book pretty closely, this was just Chapter 2. It makes sense in the big picture.

Aug 18

Those of us versed in HK cinema have been following him for decades. I thought Blade II would be his breakthrough US role, but Hollywood has just not embraced Yen like they did Jet Li or Jackie Chan.  Yen’s getting on in years but still has the goods.  

Aug 14

This is probably going to be a controversial opinion, and my apologies if this offends anyone, but I liked Freaks and Geeks and thought it was too bad that it only lasted a season.

Aug 13

Andy is such a weird character across the board, and in retrospect he’s kind of a bellwether for how horrible the show got in its final season. He starts off awful, gets rehabilitated after Carell leaves, then they inexplicably ruin a season’s worth of goodwill by making him into a huge asshole. Read more

Aug 12

You know who doesn’t make as much as Dwayne Johnson?  Candyasses.