Laguna Bitch
8/26/19 11:40PM

It would be nice if the rest of the GMG sites didn’t buy into the “dangerous/problematic” line of criticism so heavily. 

8/26/19 7:19PM

Ps I also think the Confederate show could have been really interesting and it’s frustrating that a kneejerk reaction to a terrible press release killed it. Sure, if you say the Game of Thrones guys are in charge of it it sounds terrible, but if you say Nichelle Tramble Spellman, a black woman who was a writer and Read more

8/26/19 7:09PM

The 13 Reasons Why example is one of the reasons I find the overuse of the dangerous label frustrating. When it was first released I remember trying to explain to people that the criticism meant it literally — that the way the show explicitly depicted suicide has been credibly linked to triggering suicide attempts in Read more

8/26/19 6:13PM

I’m kind of impressed at Jezebel for running this. I stopped regularly visiting this site several years ago (after reading for a decade-ish) because I felt that the version of feminism it embraced had become, at the very least, unfriendly to creativity and lacking in any of the nuance required to appreciate art. I Read more

8/26/19 11:25AM

Seriously, this. He’s just another sad, pathetic attention seeker.

8/26/19 11:16AM

There is no way anyone that vain has taken only one nude selfie in his life.

8/26/19 10:55AM

That James Charles “nude” is about as authentic as that Instagram chic who miraculously photographed her motorcycle accident. 

8/26/19 9:44AM

Yep to all you said! I grew up in urban communal living with shared houses, schooling, budgets, the whole thing. Despite all the artsy, progressive, feminist mission statements, looking back, it was a fucking bureaucratic, patriarchal mess. But that’s the structure that my parents generation were working from. I Read more

8/25/19 9:15PM

A female friend of mine is the same way. She hates guys with frail hands.

8/25/19 10:06AM

I’m here to weigh in on the hand thing. I dated a guy with strange, skinny fingernails. Also, he bit them. He was so strong in the eye-dept (the most intense, multicolored green) but it wasn’t enough to make me want him touching me. I think this is extra petty of me because I have the chewed-up hands of an eight year Read more

8/24/19 8:37AM

I know. Plenty of Republicans can’t/couldn’t stand Trump, but they understood the power of SCOTUS and the rest of the federal judiciary. If something happens to RBG, even a complete Democratic takeover in 2020 won’t be able to undo the damage for decades.

8/23/19 4:35PM

I will never not be angry at everyone who stayed home or voted third party in 2016.

8/23/19 4:15PM

Every goddamn time I see RBG in the headlines, I have a few seconds of panic before I have a chance to read far enough to see that she’s not dead. Fucking hell.