Oct 18

I’ve always found it amusing that the best way to skip the unskippable anti-piracy warnings is to watch pirated copies. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to combat piracy by forcing the people who aren’t pirating to sit through a short lecture insisting they not do what they aren’t doing?

Oct 18

The more impactful thing is that apparently all of these movies are unavailable if you have parental controls turned on; child accounts can’t even see them. So if you want to show these to your kids you have to use a parent account, or give them unrestricted access and viewing time.

I’m sure some parents will do that, Read more

Oct 17

Facebook lost its usefulness when it tried to be part of every aspect of life. No I just wanted to check on my far-away friends, that’s all, I don’t need it for news or entertainment.

Oct 13

Not only that, but they understood the Constitution could change with the times, so they added the ability to amend it.

Oct 13

“That means that I interpret the Constitution as a law...I understand it to have the meaning that it had at the time people ratified it. That meaning doesn’t change over time and it’s not up to me to update it or infuse my policy views into it,” Read more

Oct 5

I’m not going to blame a Black person, or any victim who is subject to a heinous form of abuse for reacting to trauma in their own way. Intense fear can create disbelief. It’s the reason deer stand still instead of run from an on coming car. It’s the reason 24 people died on Canada Flight 797 plane fire even though Read more

Oct 5

The brother was trying to do the right thing and got tasered and shot for his trouble. That’s fucked up. Read more

Oct 1

BSG would not feel quite as incredible or electric today, but only because it was one of the main franchises that established the tone and conventions that many modern sci fi and fantasy shows are built upon. It proved there was a market for mature, serialized genre shows. Read more

Sep 29

That creeped the hell out of me. He lies so often, why couldn’t he manage to there? Something like, “Why yes of course I denounce racists!” We would know he was lying, but still. And he wouldn’t alienate his base because they’re stupid. 

Sep 29

If you ever needed proof that the criminal justice system is broken , just remember that the founder of Project Veritas got a felony charge for trying to wiretap the phone of a sitting United States Senator and wound up walking out with probation.

Sep 25

That’s awesome she is actually practicing what she preaches. Is there any risk to her position by doing it? I am concerned that GOP will either try to fuck her over by sanctioning her or try to vote on stuff if she has to appear in court or has a community service sentence. 

Sep 10

I say this as someone who battles lifelong major depression and has attempted suicide. This is not your fault. It’s easy to fall into that thinking in your grief. People always want an explanation of why it happened. The why exists in the mind of the suicidal person. You have no way of knowing that, had your father Read more

Jan 10

I didn’t know I wanted a Florida Man douchebro vs. Salt Bae fight til I had to write this today.

Jan 10

I think there is probably plenty of room for everyone in this story to be the asshole. That being said... Read more

Mar 14 2014

If you're going to do ANYTHING with an electrical outlet, buy one of these. It will instantly tell you if the outlet is live, grounded, wired properly(e.g. floating ground), and even test GFCI outlets. For less than $10, it's a VERY handy tool and good for piece of mind.