Aug 11

I’m pretty sure the Astros have a few cameras to spare right now to assist in the project pilot. 

Aug 10

Absolutely agree on the charging port failure. My wife and kids have all killed devices via the charging port. The wireless charging let her hold her phone for a bit longer since it wasn’t an economical fix.

The kids fire tablets, I found a magnetic adapter that stays inserted and the cable snaps to that instead. No Read more

Jun 26

While the links on the side of this article are from 3 weeks, 4 months and 16 months ago.

May 6

I live in Houston, I have no clue what that candle is supposed to smell like. Petrochemical plants? Rush hour car exhaust?

I live in Houston, I have no clue what that candle is supposed to smell like. Petrochemical plants? Rush hour car

Apr 28

Impulse buying is much less effective on-line

My Amazon history just laughed out loud. I swore I closed that tab earlier.

Apr 22

I hadn’t, but I think I’ll be adding that to the list. Now I wonder if testing needs to happen. Copy paper vs tissue paper in gift bags vs aluminum foil.

Apr 22

Close all applications in mid sentence. Then if questioned later, “sorry, I’m on Spectrum, must have been another outage?”

Apr 17

My nearly 8 year old really likes an Australian production, “Short & Curly”

Ethics problems for kids with plenty of stop points for discussions. It is actually not bad. It is interesting to hear my child work out the ethical issues and her justifications/rationales.

She also likes “Brains On!” More of a science based Read more

Apr 7

Unfortunately, there are also non technically inclined people that live in the house with us. For them, set top boxes are typically far superior choice. The Firestick remote is much easier for my 5 y/o to use than trying to teach her how to login to my computer.

Apr 5

The typical supply lines may be disrupted “from the closure of schools, restaurants and food service outlets”, but I’m pretty sure food banks are still open and accepting donations. And with unemployment about to cause a lot of bankruptcies, I’m sure the demands at food banks is about to increase also.

You could Read more

Mar 26

Just for more well rounded information, I’d also check the speed when direct connected to the router via network cable.

Also assuming Windows, take a look at the Performance Tab on the Task Manager for another high level view of everything instead of just looking at the problem in a silo.

Finally, Reliability Monitor Read more

Mar 18

After the panic buying, I would love to see who has the high score.

Also hope they feel some guilt as well.

Mar 10

FWIW.... he passed me anyway, but at my last vehicle inspection, the guy was telling me he is supposed to fail any vehicles with non-OEM LED headlights.

This is in Houston, so your mileage may vary.

Feb 15

Are drumsticks allowed in the carry on flight? The tray table is mine to do with as I wish, right?

Perhaps leave the cowbell at home though.