LaToya Ferguson
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Jul 17

Honestly, seeing so many NBC Universal commercials—to the point where, by the time the 30 Rock bit introduces the Law & Order: SVU 2: Just The Paperwork, it took me a beat to realize wasn’t one of the real commercials—still trumps seeing the commercials from all the advertisers NBC Universal is courting with this Read more

Mar 27

I found myself getting annoyed every time the other term was used in this review. Holt has gotten into my head and I may never be the same.

Mar 27

Is his dog’s name Dogman or Dilldog? Sorry, am I dragging us off topic?

Mar 13

As this episode is the series’ farewell to Wuntch, it makes sense that it pulls out all the stops when it comes to Holt’s various insults for the woman/witch/goat/succubus/human blister/zombie/Korean toilet ghost who embarrassed him in front of Derek Jeter. Read more

Feb 29

Debbie Fogel = Doug Judy? I could get behind that. Would be an interesting tension with Rosa to see Debbie finally find her people—in prison. Maybe she’d end up writing some sort of Marie Kondo-type book that becomes a huge hit. What do you think of Cell Yourself Short: How to Get Prison-Tidy Even If You Have Six Read more

Feb 20

and someone even mentioned it in the comments, but even the small act of Boyle taking down Jim Rash’s evil Dr. Jones was an unspoken reminder that Boyle is competent

Feb 20

I’m hoping it’s all just some misunderstanding connected to her solving her sister’s murder.” That’s certainly what I’ll believe until proven otherwise. Excited to learn that we’ll be following up on it so soon. I assumed it would remain in the background until later in the season.

Feb 20

If Erik ever gives you the green-light to fill in the gaps in Season 1 coverage, I will read the hell out of those reviews. POI forever.

Feb 12

I think maybe you’re confusing me with someone else? I have never used ‘silly’ in a headline for this show. But thanks for clicking! 

Nov 4

It is not a competition! (Luckily for Ruby Rose, because she would be losing for sure)