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2:32 AM

As I read aaaaallll these comments, I am in fact constantly made aware of characters some people seem to hate. Pimento is definitely one of them.

2:57 PM

You didn’t imagine it: In the original timeline, Zari’s family changed their name due to religious persecution. That change wasn’t necessary in this timeline.

10:55 AM

I wasn’t able to reply to your comment before because of Kinja issues, but I just wanted to let you know I updated the review to reflect what the situation actually was. I did use the term as I originally didbecause Terry used it; it was simply in a tongue in cheek way because of how he used it.

2:44 PM

In the “invisible” scenario, they don’t look like an idiot for thinking that, because they’d all of a sudden be taking offense that suggests that that’s what happened. But again, that’s why I wish we could’ve seen it to see how it was executed and worked (because it was apparently successful).

2:32 PM

required something literally impossible to happen to work.” But it didn’t. Disappearing (and reappearing) acts in wrestling require nothing more than killing the lights and someone being under the ring or rushing from the crowd to the ring. But I do agree that I wish we could’ve seen it in action to have that moment.

1:39 PM

They (younger, but still not “Gen Z”) will if they ever watched The WB.

5:13 PM

I think you’re absolutely right about classic Debbie punching down, and I think the Brenda thing can be taken either way actually. Even if it were overtly obvious she wasn’t being passive-aggressive, Debbie still would’ve had the same reaction, because that’s what she would’ve seen (and projected onto Brenda).

6:56 PM

She was talking about the flame thrower, as those guys ended up dead. Her “doxxing” Liv is what sent someone else to be the bomber. (And that was a dude. Michelle called him “sir” before the bombing.)

11:17 AM

They were eating Bubba’s brain (meaning he was there to witness Blaine kill Darcy).

1:33 PM

Today, in a few hours. Tech issues + wanting to make sure I handle the last two episodes as... sensitively as possible.

1:32 PM

You’re absolutely right — I’d been referencing Mr. Kiss And Tell so much, I think I subconsciously threw The Thousand Dollar Tan Line a bone (as, only one big thing comes out of that, and it doesn’t seem like that’s staying as canon here).

1:11 AM

I noted this in my review of the premiere, but I do think this season is pretty accessible for newcomers (and I think the writers were cognizant of that being necessary). Honestly, I’d be interested to hear feedback on the season from people who haven’t seen the rest of the series, so please check it out.

11:10 AM

I can explain. That was (and the months were off anyway) the original version of my blurb that I changed at the last minute (but was apparently too late to have updated). I’ve since updated the blurb.

4:30 PM

Well we already know Dale is daddy, so good question about where Dad E could possibly be. (The E family house is in Don E’s ex-step Dad E’s name.)

3:57 PM

Hey, I mentioned the parts of it that mattered! Ella’s MC Hammer moment, Lucifer’s “dummy” line, Toofer, Eve as Chloe.

1:53 PM

Dude (lol) - I actually didn’t realize it was Afrikaans (even though that makes sense) until Lesley-Ann mentioned it on Twitter a few days ago. But the subtitles (at least on screeners) actually dubbed it as Lilim (in addition to Maze saying so), so I guess it’s now canon that Afrikaans = Lilim. Which is awesome.