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Jul 17

It’s something I only really noticed on my second viewing, but it was very much TV magic in that moment. Definitely a more seamless greenscreen/visual effect than I thought there were capable of.

Apr 11

So, I’d originally written a whole thing in my review about the major issue with the fake therapist thing (for the reasons you’ve mentioned). But I ultimately accepted the fact that it ONLY works (and is only able to work) because it’s a Heist episode. If they’d done it in any other episode, oh boy.

Mar 20

I prefer Holt being this way toward Terry as opposed to toward Boyle. When he would do it to Boyle, it really just felt like punching down. With Terry, it’s completely absurd.

Mar 5

Haha, I made sure to add that acknowledgment to the S.O.s before I saw this reply. He’s right, Wario cheats! (As for adoption, I’ll note that it was a last minute point but still not something that comes up as a big point.)

Feb 28

Other than the parallels between the two characters, I think part of it was just that Rosa was already over Debbie from the moment she was introduced. .In “Manhunt,” Rosa’s the one who says they shouldn’t even pretend they care about saving Debbie’s life; then in “Captain Kim,” there’s her line about not having the Read more

Feb 28

This episode made me realize Debbie would probably break Gina if they ever interacted.

Feb 20

I knew there was one thing I really wanted to mention that I’d forgotten: THE PEGGING.

Feb 14

As I read aaaaallll these comments, I am in fact constantly made aware of characters some people seem to hate. Pimento is definitely one of them.

Feb 12

You didn’t imagine it: In the original timeline, Zari’s family changed their name due to religious persecution. That change wasn’t necessary in this timeline.

Feb 10

I wasn’t able to reply to your comment before because of Kinja issues, but I just wanted to let you know I updated the review to reflect what the situation actually was. I did use the term as I originally didbecause Terry used it; it was simply in a tongue in cheek way because of how he used it.

Aug 10

In the “invisible” scenario, they don’t look like an idiot for thinking that, because they’d all of a sudden be taking offense that suggests that that’s what happened. But again, that’s why I wish we could’ve seen it to see how it was executed and worked (because it was apparently successful).

Aug 10

required something literally impossible to happen to work.” But it didn’t. Disappearing (and reappearing) acts in wrestling require nothing more than killing the lights and someone being under the ring or rushing from the crowd to the ring. But I do agree that I wish we could’ve seen it in action to have that moment.