With "The Good Twin," GLOW chooses to wrestle (and sing) like nobody's watching


Much like “Nothing Shattered” was a necessary GLOW episode for Ruth’s character and the entire G.L.O.W. family, “The Good Twin” is also a necessary episode—just for the simple fact that it lets us finally know what a full episode of this world’s G.L.O.W. looks like. And god, it looks every bit as amazing as one could…

In “Nothing Shattered,” GLOW deals with the real repercussions of “that fake stuff on TV”


Picking up where “Work The Leg” left off, “Nothing Shattered” quickly captures that feeling of not knowing what to do—as a worker, as part of the crew, as an audience member—when an actual injury happens. There’s the question of it’s real at first, and while professional wrestling has its own lingo for that; referees…

With the promise of a new day, “Jake & Amy” makes a near perfect Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending


“Jake & Amy” could’ve easily functioned as a proper series finale for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In terms of its status on FOX, that’s kind of what it is. As an episode that will have follow-up though, it’s also quite refreshing to have a season finale that doesn’t end with the characters in a state of absolute chaos.

Our Riverdale podcast makes its bones with the show's wild second season

With “Brave New World,” Riverdale’s second season puts on its red leather jacket and rides off into the sunset. And, for once, all looks hunk-dory—until it doesn’t! Though our favorite “meddling friends” wrap things up on peaceful terms, trouble is a’brewing in the form of Riverdale’s own League Of Doom, which has

Riverdale’s sophomore season slumps right into the—you guessed it—darkness


As Riverdale’s second season began with an elaborate coma dream—from Fred, of all characters—it’s unfortunate we’re deprived of such an experience with Jughead. (He’s not dead. Neither is Fangs. Moving on.) Then again, season one Jughead already provided the audience with a classic Archie Comics-centered dream. In…

Screw it: Let’s just talk about how happy we are Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still alive


By the time I’d started watching my screener for season five’s penultimate episode, “White Whale,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine had officially been canceled. So I wasn’t exactly in the best state of mind to watch the episode; even if it were an all-time classic episode of Brooklyn Nine-NIne, that would just be a reminder that…

Lucifer’s “Quintessential Deckerstar” strolls down memory lane & crashes into an uncertain future


Don’t let the ship portmanteau in the title fool you: “Quintessential Deckerstar” is quite an excellent episode of Lucifer. That’s on multiple levels too, as an episode that builds off everything that came before it, as an emotional character-driven piece, as a procedural, as a humorous forty-plus minutes of…