Brooklyn Nine-Nine wraps up its sixth season with its very own “Suicide Squad”

It feels so good to laugh. So on the plus side, at least this two-part Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale begins with laughter from Captain Holt. The “prank” by Jake is pretty much the only thing he personally has to laugh about in these episodes—except for his dunks on a returning Madeline Wuntch, I suppose—even though…

With “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!” iZombie has the time of its life as it goes back to basics


After two episodes of a murder case that wasn’t a murder case, domestic terrorism, and current affairs thrown into the zombie blender, iZombie’s “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!” gets somewhat back to basics. In a series’ final season, that’s one of those things you actually want to hear, especially if things have strayed so…

In “Devil Is As Devil Does," Lucifer finally embraces who he's meant to be


In “Orgy Pants To Work,” just before Julian murders Rookie Joan, he takes a moment to monologue about being “a wolf,” while his father, Jacob Tiernan, is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” It’s after Lucifer asks him if Tiernan has any idea what his son’s been up to, so it’s not rhetorical—but it was still strange for him…

With “Dead Lift,” false flags and fake news infect the final season of iZombie


I know it’s only been two episodes, but I’m already struggling to understand what iZombie is trying to do with this final season. Not in terms of the bigger picture and how it’s all end but specifically why it’s doubling down on the parts of the show that make it look even less like its original form and why it’s

Lucifer reveals Chloe’s true state of mind, as well as a new villain’s divine plan


With “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno,” Lucifer goes into detail about what exactly happened while Chloe was in Italy. Her obsession with learning everything she could about the Devil led her to Father Kinley, of the International Association of Exorcists and the final scene of the season premiere. This…

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Bimbo,” Captain Holt puts his “rock hard brain” to work


Maybe it’s just me, but for me, the first character that comes to mind when I see a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode titled “The Bimbo” is not Captain Raymond Holt. (It’s Boyle, honestly.) The reveal that he is the titular bimbo is one that comes out of left field—both for Jake and the audience—and from that point on, an…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine calls on the power of “structured debate” during Jake and Amy’s “Casecation”


“Casecation” (“all I ever wanted”) is one of those Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes that fall under the high-concept, “Very Special Episode” classification. Episodes like “Moo Moo,” “The Box,” “Show Me Going,” or even this season’s “He Said, She Said” (also a Jake/Amy episode). These are episodes that tell universal…